Thursday, December 15, 2016

Leather Maintenance(2)

Third, leather care instructions:

1, ordinary leather The first layer of skin is the animal skin, good elasticity, fiber tight, you can see the skin injury, knife injury or toothpick marks, and leather itself pores, blood tendons and veins. The first layer of skin without treatment, the top tight, the following more loose, a transition due to leather processing dyeing staining, so the use of a period of time, especially the lighter color of the leather surface, there will be slight decolorization and wear skin, is a normal phenomenon .

2,patent leather: the surface is coated with high brightness light paint or crystal paint, gloss, leather surface firm, uniform color, suitable for the manufacture of popular fashion leather. High water resistance, no air permeability. Due to finishing heavy, cover strong, and more use of the first layer of defects and more skin production. Maintenance methods: the patent leather scratch is difficult to repair, try to avoid the use of hard objects, gravel scratches, wipe with a soft towel, not in the sun exposure or roasted, in order to prevent the leather surface hard, available colorless Care oil care, and wipe clean with a clean cloth back and forth, so as to maintain the original luster.

3, oil skin: When scratched with a fingernail when the surface will appear anti-white phenomenon. After hand rubbing will return to primary colors. This skin type oily, moist, thick but not hard, shiny. The first layer, there are two. Cleaning method: put a small amount of cotton on the leather oil, wipe evenly. Maintenance and precautions: pay attention to waterproof, anti-grease, try to avoid scratches with hard objects collision, resulting in cortical injury will not be able to recover. Oily heavy leather adhesive effect is poor, easy to open plastic. Can be used for maintenance of skin oil, such as Bili beads, varnish and the like.

4, water leather, waxing leather: test method: water dyed leather, waxing the surface without any decoration, just dyeing only, after polishing the surface of striae clear, three-dimensional sense of strong, smooth feel. Water dip leather surface, a significant wet India, the skin surface water. Cleaning method: in the cleaning process, can not use oil-based agent, the best rub with an eraser. Care and precautions: Water dyed leather, waxing leather is uncoated leather, easy to absorb moisture and stains, color is more prominent, the use should pay attention to avoid water or other stains, avoid contact with oil, not Rain, when not wipe the dust, keep the leather surface brightness, to prevent mildew.

5, wrinkled skin test method: the texture of the skin is more natural, a rough fine, feel better, through the wrestling machine is made of many beat processing. Cleaning method: easy to clean, with the general skin oil can be cleaned. Maintenance and Note: When not in use, it is best to hang up; if flat, to put on the surface, to avoid crushing wrinkles by other items, affecting the appearance.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Leather Maintenance(1)

First,the daily maintenance
(1). weekly use of  leather care solution for maintenance and care;
(2). Clean the leather with a soft cotton and leather wax wipe clean, so that will not hurt the leather, leather goods are not directly on the water where cleaning.
(3). To avoid the leather by a long exposure, rain;
(4). Avoid contact with acids, alkaline substances, corrosive substances, oil;
(5). Avoid sharp contact with hard objects or friction;
(6). To prevent overloading, overloading;
(7). When the leather damp, subject to moisture should be immediately dried, or dried with warm air;
(8). When the leather for long-term collection, the leather should be placed in the damp-proof agent, and plastic bags sealed in cold places.

Second,Matters needing attention
1, when used to prevent the following: rain soaking, moist storage, prolonged sun exposure, 70 ℃ above the high temperature, not directly with the rough material friction, avoid contact with acid and other corrosive substances.
2, how to deal with wet or wet leather with newspapers according to the original shape of propped up leather goods, in the sun to avoid ventilation drying, with leather oil leather; not near the high temperature, avoid drying or exposure to fire .
3, the leather surface scratches: spray skin care oil, natural air-dried. Cover the surface with a dry cloth, hair dryer heated 30-60 seconds after repeated friction with a dry cloth.
4, leather torn and damaged, it should be timely repair. If a small crack, can be coated in the cracks at the egg white, cracks can be bonded.
5, leather mildew how to use soft dry cloth to wipe the moldy part of the wipe clean, and then wipe the skin evenly. Must not be wiped with water and gasoline, water can make leather harden, gasoline can make leather oil volatile and chapped.

to be continued

Monday, December 5, 2016

Skin care of the bag care techniques

    As the standard of living materials continues to increase, material requirements will also increase, and bags are essential in daily life as daily necessities as well as for women. So for your beloved leather care methods and techniques, you know how much?

(1) If there is dust on the glitter leather, you can first use a soft cloth to wipe the surface of leather dust.

(2) To the surface of the package coated with a layer of care agent, so that the leather will be the most effective care to make the package to restore the appearance of beautiful, shiny, soft, waterproof, mechanical strength (such as tensile strength, tear strength, Grain crack strength, etc.) can be increased. To better protect the surface texture of the leather bag.

(3) When natural care agent after drying, professional leather cleaning agent shaken, with a soft texture of the cloth, gently wipe.

(4) A small area of ​​pollution, direct spray cleaner on the surface of the bag. Large areas of pollution, the detergent can be poured from the bottle, installed in the container, with a soft brush stained with detergent, directly applied to the skin surface. Stay for about 2 to 5 minutes, with a soft brush to brush, to dirt off, be sure to wipe the surface texture along the skin, if the gap, to follow the gap wipe.

(5) If it is a long time stains, leather surface dirt thickness of the larger, will penetrate into the skin texture. Leather simulation leather oil, because it is oil, poor permeability, cleaning effect is not ideal, can be diluted with water by adding 10% of the water, shake and then use. Water can help skin simulation leather oil cleaner penetration, cleaning effect is good, clean and efficient, this will not hurt the bag surface, because the dermis itself has a certain moisture content, the animal itself is higher than 10% moisture content.

For the season, don't need to use the bag, you can put in a cool dry place, coated with a layer of leather protective agent, you can plug some paper filler to prevent deformation of the bag, you can place some moisture agent, insecticide in a dust bag.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

How to Identify Leather Care Agent

 1. leather care agent must be grease
When the temperature reaches 450 ~ 750 degrees, with the help of combustible materials, can fire burning, so you can use the combustion test, that is, the use of oil, Put a small amount of care agent evenly on the toilet paper, placed in the mosquito-repellent rack, the first lit toilet paper, burn to care agent, the care agent can fire.

2.with the appropriate penetration and adhesion
High-quality leather care agent, can evenly penetrate the various parts of the leather inside the fiber surface, and with the intradermal fiber well together, and the wax and dermal fibers within the combination of poor, but also due to low wax burning, easy to volatile , So the wax into the leather will soon be lost, because of its loss will also take away the leather within the original oil, the leather becomes more hard, more brittle, and the wax will plug the hairy eye, so pure wax is not appropriate For the care of dermis.

3. PH value with pH detection
If the pH value of leather care agent PH value is greater than 7, it was alkaline, it infiltrated the skin, destruction of intradermal skin surface between the original oil film, and wash off these intradermal fat, so that the leather between the internal fiber surface Fiber bonds to each other, the friction becomes larger, but also corrosive dermal fiber, leather hardening, brittle, or even cracking - alkaline damage to the dermis is here, that is, alkaline detergent, clean leather, infiltration Dermal internal alkaline substances, will destroy the internal structure of the dermis, especially intradermal fiber surface of the oil film, so that leather harden, brittle, and even cracking. Therefore, in addition to skin simulated leather oil cleanser, the skin care can not use detergent.
Leather care agent qualified pH = 5 ~ 7 between. PH value of the test paper in the general chemical teaching store for sale.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Leather shoes toe is easy to fray, clever clever repair

Most people will choose to buy leather shoes , because it not only wear a dignified appearance with gas field, and easy to care, but if the shiny shoes were worn, and that the more distressed ah, not only affect the overall appearance, but also affect Shoes, life, then me will teach you how to restore shoes.

Nail polish
Wearing nail polish on the shoes wear, and then on the shoe polish, so you do not see there is wear and tear.

Put egg white
If the skin is still worn off, then you can use egg repair, with a cotton swab dipped in a little egg white, wear a thin layer of the place, and then cover the skin and wear in the friction, so that egg coagulation and Stick, and finally can play shoe polish.

Tu speed adhesive
If the shoes were scratched, it is necessary to use quick-drying glue, and first with a quick-drying glue evenly coated on both sides of the gap, and then pressed by hand, glue dry and then coated with wax, iron ironing, and then coated On the same color leather wipe light pulp, wait until the dry after the shoe polish can be marked.

Pad leather
Choose a piece of leather the same color, in the back of the leather coated with special glue, stick in the wear, with a piece of cloth pressure is good, so that the leather completely stuck, the last shoe can.

Rub the cream

In the wear at the professional fill color paste, and then evenly spread can be, so you can restore the original shiny it!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Old Leather Handmade Small Decorative Accessories

Home with the old bag, wallet, or simply is a piece of I do not know when the whim buy the leather? Throw away on the waste, it is better to do something small gadgets, let her in your hands under a pair of practical and creative.

Pig piggy bank: fat bulging belly can hold a lot of Steel BEng it.

Puppy stationery plug: four legs can put a lot of pen, scissors and the like stationery, mouth can Diao a note, there are wheels at the foot can be easily moved, creative and practical full marks!
Kangaroo stationery baskets: whether it is pen or note paper or other bits and pieces of small things, can be easily incorporated into the pocket of the mother to Kangaroo.

Mother and son chicken paper clip: handkerchief, note, notes, lovely chicken a mother can help you receive good.

Monkey hanging objects: the red glowing monkey on the mysterious closet cabinet, let it help you to accommodate some easy to find things.

Rabbit kit: rabbit's stomach filled with small pills, syrup, eye-catching colors can always remind you to pay attention to health.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Light and diverse artificial leather clothing sought after

At first glance, the jacket and skirt with leather products, but in fact, this is made of chemical fiber processing, similar to the leather texture of fabric "artificial leather", this fabric because of its light texture, simple maintenance And become popular this fall dressing material.

Artificial leather is made of polyurethane and polyester fiber and other chemical fiber processing, imitation leather texture made of material.

In general, compared with a heavy sense of leather to wear up more light, the price is also cheaper. Recently, due to advances in technology, leatherette in nature and closer to ordinary leather.

artificial leather

Europe and the United States this spring and autumn 2012 to 13 fashion show, many brands have published leather elegant clothing, by this effect, in the store, the leather products and leather products side by side on the shelves.

For example, the new product jacket "LEJOUR" (21,450 yen) from the Sanyo Chamber of Commerce (Tokyo), a big company in the apparel industry. Although the soft fabric is like a real sheepskin, but in fact made of 100% polyester fiber, lightweight and scalable at the same time. With the same paragraph of the skirt (13,650 yen), will create a capable temperament.

The orange breeches (17,550 yen) of "MACKINTOSHPHILOSOPHY" produced by the agency are made of polyester fiber, but they look almost the same as fur. Breeches with a simple cut, and with a pattern of sweater with a very appropriate.

artificial leather

Artificial leather is very easy to process, can also make a variety of new design. "NAVY.WO" is a thin jacket (27,300 yen), which is made of artificial leather in the cuffs and back part. The jacket is characterized by a brisk movement. Color camel, navy, black three.

The unique design of the skirt with different colors (11,995 yen) is also well received, a total of the former film camel back film black, black film after the front piece of dark blue to choose the two. And before and after the film in any color with the same color of the jacket with, it will show an elegant atmosphere. "I'm very looking forward to this 

Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Development Trend of Synthetic Leather Industry(1)

 Artificial leather, synthetic leather is the last century, one of the great inventions of mankind. Artificial leather in China began in the late 50s of last century,China's leather industry is one of the early development of the industry. After several decades of construction, especially in the 1970s, continued to the 1990s to introduce Japan, Italy and other countries the production of synthetic leather advanced equipment and technology. With the development of high-tech at home and abroad and the application of advanced industrial equipment, China's synthetic leather industry management, technology, product quality has been a qualitative leap, especially in recent years, China's synthetic leather industry has become the world's largest producer , Consumption power, import and export power.

synthetic leather

New fiber technology continues to flood

Now with the development of modern high-tech, the current production of PU synthetic leather in terms of product quality, variety, or production have been rapid growth, its performance is getting closer to natural leather, some aspects of performance even more than natural leather. Such as anti-breaking strength, anti-tear strength, anti-peel strength, anti-sewing strength, abrasion resistance, flexural strength, cold resistance, aging resistance, fatigue, oil, chemical corrosion, mildew antibacterial, moisture permeability Performance, according to need, after special treatment, can be superior to the leather, to achieve the performance and appearance of natural leather quality and difficult to distinguish true and false degree. After the 90's, synthetic fiber and non-woven manufacturing, but also toward the ultra-fine, high density and high non-woven effect of direction. Polyurethane resin manufacturing to the PU dispersion, PU water emulsion direction. Product applications continue to expand in the daily lives of mankind occupies an increasingly important position.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

PU synthetic leather

PU synthetic leather is how to develop and progress? In addition to the production process, equipment, substrate and other continuous innovation, perhaps more important is the development of additives, innovation.

The additives mentioned in this article include not only the additives and functional materials, but also the surface treatment agents, special resins and the like which are prepared by blending or synthesizing the additives and the functional materials with ordinary PU resin. Its use includes PU resin additives and PU synthetic leather additives.

In general, PU synthetic leather innovation as follows:
Innovative additives to the process of PU synthesis = PU resin -> + innovative innovative additives such as the base fabric + filler + Toner -> by a variety of innovative manufacturing process = PU synthetic leather.

Thus, the development of additives in the development of PU synthetic leather plays a vital role.

Additives classification: Additives are generally divided into the following five categories:

First, solve the fault class. Such as: defoamer, wetting agent, anti-pin agent, leveling agent, wet with fixing agent, removal of DMF additives, even foam additives, anti-adhesive, interfacial fusion agent, tackifier, dispersant and many more. This kind of material in the PU resin and PU synthetic leather manufacturing process plays a vital role, without them, PU resin and PU synthetic leather can not be normal production.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

china leather factory accelerate the pace of survival of the fittest

And many close to the "Wenzhou" trademark products, Wenzhou leather in a very long time is a synonym for low-grade products, especially in that shoe market suddenly began to fire in the era. Although the development of these years, Wenzhou leather industry has long gone, but the brand building efforts, the lack of competitive products, product structure, a single, which did not start a solid foundation to bring Wenzhou sequelae has always existed. 

Wenzhou now can make first-class quality leather, and even the ability to develop new products, but have the ability to do first-class products and do the development of the plant is one of the few, most of the factories still follow the old Technology - all year round to do black, brown leather men's leather. In the commercial market, the so-called "quality is life", china  leather factory  in recent years has been the pursuit of breakthroughs and upgrades, and product quality is the first hurdle must cross. Only to improve product quality, to achieve the survival of the fittest, the purpose of industrial restructuring and reorganization. At present, the quality of leather products in Wenzhou, the main constraints are the following.

The quality of the original skin can not be guaranteed
First, let's analyze the origin and quality of the leather industry in Wenzhou. In Wenzhou, in addition to some superior strength of the factory, the vast majority of leather factory in the original leather procurement Quxi leather market. The market of the original skin from the provinces, and many are from Africa, Europe, Brazil and other places of imports. From the type of points, there are yellow leather, buffalo, yak skin; from the plate points, a sweet skin dry, salt dry skin, salt, wet skin, frozen fresh skin; from cattle age and sex points can be divided into calf skin , Calfskin, bull leather, cowhide and castrated leather. Therefore, the skin on the market in Wenzhou complex, large differences in quality, as the transport operators operating conditions are mostly very poor, many leather raw materials are sold to tanneries have been damaged before the varying degrees. 

Many of the original skin before pickling not only leather, hair follicles, cortex has been eroded by bacteria, and even skin collagen fibers are pulled off. The original skin must be in the production process to repair the damaged cortex, covering the damaged grain. Wenzhou leather processing is the biggest weakness of the water market, the original skin treatment can not do a detailed group approved, classified treatment. Increasingly tight in the original skin resources of the moment, many factories can buy the original skin will burn incense, the original skin quality is not guaranteed, the natural quality of leather has a great impac

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Fur Industry Hide Horrific Pollution

In the era of scarcity of materials, people made of animal fur clothes warm. With the development of society, so hard days have long ceased to exist. Clothes for modern people's lives is entirely too much - fur is already not to warm, but has become part of the eyes of the "fashion." However, how many people are concerned about the hideous foul pollution of the fur industry?

Modern fur production process is very complex, a total of dozens of processes. The whole process used a lot of ammonia, formaldehyde, hydrogen peroxide, a variety of chromate and bleach, and several of them are confirmed to be carcinogenic substances or suspected carcinogens. Fur processing will produce large and heavy metal waste water, for the local environment, the health of residents will be a disastrous threat.

Poison gas pollution
Animal fur tanning, coating process generated by the exhaust gas, and then further heated by the oven to evaporate, mixed with a stench of irritating gas, including toluene, xylene, methyl ethyl ketone and other toxic gases. Such as toluene, the skin, mucous membranes are irritating, not only through the respiratory tract into the body, but also through the skin into the central nervous system anesthetic effect. Short-term inhalation of excess toluene, ranging from respiratory irritation, while in limb weakness and even coma; long-term exposure to toluene on the human nervous system, liver function, the skin will have a great harm, leading to chronic poisoning.

Water pollution

China a well-known fur Township, the annual fur sales of up to 20.4 billion yuan, exports more than 700 million US dollars. Behind the bustling, is hidden is the local serious pollution of the rivers and soil. In fact, a variety of animal skin products on the water pollution is difficult to avoid, including hair removal after treatment of animal leather. 2014 CCTV revealed a county leather pollution shocking truth: As the leather enterprises of the highly toxic sewage directly discharged, the local more than 100 square kilometers of groundwater has been seriously polluted, this area of ​​the villagers to drink the well water has been red, Black, containing more than 10 kinds of serious excessive carcinogenic heavy metals.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

How to maintain and clean luxury leather

In recent years, as China continues to improve people's consumption level, luxury is no longer a technical term nobility, and has started to enter the civilian home. An exquisite luxury leather must have a science of cleaning and maintenance in order to emit more dazzling brilliance, add luster to our lives. For this small series introduces some luxury leather cleaning, maintenance skills, we want to help consumers.

First, the luxury leather cleaning should pay attention to the use of the same color of skin cream to clean leather, leather can remain bright and moist, but avoid the use of liquid skin oils; also avoid skin cream applied directly to the skin surface when the cream leather epithelium , should be applied on hair or fur and then wipe the leather; if luxury leather wet, dry cloth to absorb the moisture of luxury leather goods, and then placed in the shade, so that luxury leather dry naturally, Do not wet the luxury leather goods directly into the sun exposure draw with a hairdryer blowing, it can not be placed next to the air conditioning blowing, otherwise there will be leather burst phenomenon; avoid contact with water flushing or chemical cleaning luxury leather goods solvent. 

Maintenance of luxury leather goods. The most basic method is to some leather care oil. But when James and maintenance of oil, you need to put on a clean cotton cloth, and then evenly spread on the leather. Avoid direct maintenance of oil on the surface of luxury leather goods, will damage the leather; leather for luxury leather appeared wrinkling problem, we can use an iron to iron slightly. But this must ensure that the temperature is between 60-70 degrees. Not only to move fast, move back and forth. Also between the Iron and luxury leather padded layer of cotton, in order to avoid direct contact with high temperature and burned.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

How to Remove the Smell of Leather(2)

Today,we still introduce some methods that how to remove the smell of leather.

Removal of smoky flavor: with a cloth dipped in milk, wipe tables and chairs and other furniture, not only removes dirt, but also make the leather furniture look like new.

Use vinegar: half a cup of water and a small amount of vinegar (1/4 water), dipped in this solution with a soft cloth wooden furniture, furniture can reproduce the luster.

Herbal tea : soak a cup of tea, let it cool, soaked a piece of soft cloth, scrubbed wooden furniture two or three times, and then wipe the floor wax, furniture, paint can restore the original luster.

Leather strong absorption, should pay attention to pollution prevention, particular high-grade brushed leather. If there are stains on pu leather, wipe with a clean wet cloth dipped in warm detergent, and then let it dry.

Leather lose their luster can use leather polish to wipe, do not use shoe polish to wipe. Usually one or two years on - times of light, you can keep the leather soft and shiny, and extended service life.

Leather wrinkle can use iron ironing, the temperature can be controlled between 60-70. Use thin cotton for lining the cloth when you iron, while constantly moving the iron.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

How to Remove the Smell of Leather(1)

how to remove the smell of leather, leather wallets, car leather chairs, leather clothing, has its own methods.

If Leather wallets have strong leather smell, you can put leather wallets into the refrigerator fresh day, you can also spray some perfume or champignon or put some tea, so can removed the smell.

Remove the automotive leather smell, the most effective is to put the car activated carbon, activated carbon has a strong adsorption effect, can quickly and effectively absorb the car leather smell. But do not the car perfume, otherwise the taste will be more unpleasant, but also to do under the sun exposure, otherwise the flavor will be even greater.

Remove leather garment odor, there are many ways, such as clean leather garment with alcohol and water; it is better to select special cleaning agent to remove leather with strong odor.

pu leather

PCE has some of the odor removal effect, both leather cleaning dirt, but also to remove the smell of leather, and high efficiency.

The leather hung just showered and there is some steam bath within two to three hours, when the smell of leather in the evaporation of water will also evaporate, you can remove the odor when out to dry.

pu leather

The leather hang in a dry, well-ventilated shade to blow odor. When hanging leather, you can spray a little vinegar on clothes, vinegar after air drying, there is no taste, the smell of leather and will reduce or even disappear.
When placed in leather or wearing leather, you can spray some of the perfume in leather garment, this will not lead to strong scent mixed with the smell of leather, leather will not cause odor distribution.

The 2-3 grapefruit skin wrapped in leather among place a week or so, you can remove the odor, but also smell the fragrance of grapefruit. You can place some grapefruit skin or some activated charcoal on cupboard to absorb odors.

to be continued

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Leather Manufacturing Technology Innovation to Improve Value-Added Products(2)

The revision of a lot of content, including the following aspects, first of all, in terms of chemicals, new entrants to the 10 categories of restricted substances, these materials and leather products respectively successively develop their personal human level in infant leather products, leather Children products, underwear, clothing mezzanine, outerwear, bedding, and other leather products limits; secondly, in terms of physical properties, the new requirements of small parts baby leather products, leather products for infants and children rope and rope requirements, and magnet requirements; third, labeling, new baby leather articles warning against widgets; Finally, the leather into finished leather, stacked leather combination of leather, synthetic leather, and add or modify a some jargon.

Therefore, the City of Quality and Technical Supervision responsible person to remind the majority of enterprises, should be external pressure into intrinsic motivation. On the one hand to improve the root causes of leather raw materials and formulations, and actively improve the environmental performance and ecological safety standards, strengthen project monitoring chemical substances, from raw materials to finished products to ensure every process in line with the quality and safety requirements; the other hand, efforts to improve the production equipment level, establish a green brand awareness, accelerate technological innovation and improve value-added products, to seize the opportunity to further expand the living space.

Development of the leather industry is not out of the main line of environmentally friendly, eco-leather and thus become the mainstream of future development. Strategic cooperation on the leather industry downstream enterprises highlights the value of eco-friendly industry brand, and promote the quality of the leather industry, the brand, the joint development of environmental protection, building green ecological leather industry.

Leather Manufacturing Technology Innovation to Improve Value-added Products(1)

In recent years, the enterprise has developed to enhance the core competitiveness as the leading research and development mechanism, set up an efficient cross-sectoral R & D project team. At the same time, in order to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of R & D personnel to ensure the efficient operation of research and development work to improve the overall performance of R & D system, enterprises have established research and development processes and project management system to adapt to the development of the organization and human resources management system, including organizational structure, culture R & D personnel, R & D personnel and salary management mechanism to encourage R & D personnel R & D system.

Leather and hard as a thermal insulation material, has been used as the basic fabric of fall and winter clothing, color and more color to heavy-based. Therefore, in the fur and garment industry, there is a hot second half of the first half closed predicament. Learned from relevant departments, a lot of the content of this revision, involving a wide range, to a number of leather manufacturing industry has brought no small challenge.

It is reported that high risk products as leather products, has been suffering from chemical residue problems, and thus frequently outside the recall notification. EU non-food consumer Rapid Alert System for China and the US CPSC detain product data, for example, in 2013 only Chinese-made leather products in the EU and the United States notified cases reached 38, the "get in the door" is also more technical content and low value-added products, mainly for shoes, boots, leather gloves, baby shoes 4 categories. Because often used in leather shoes, laundry, and human contact for a long time, which is toxic and harmful substances particularly serious impact on human health, therefore, the world has a corresponding law leather products of toxic and hazardous substances control.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

How to Maintain leather boots

Winter is coming, no matter what kind of style boots, winter are many consumers who love winter equipment. But the boots wear more, or usually pay no attention to care and maintenance, it also prone to breakage affect the appearance.There are some tips to tell you how to maintain leather boots.
1. buy new leather boots do not wear immediately, should play a thin layer of shoe polish, place 1 day wear.
2. boots should be serviced once a week at least, remember to oil. In bad weather used to wear boots, you should dry the surface after it re-branded shoe polish.
3. white boots can use rubber to the stain clean.

4. Don’t wear same pair of boots more than three days.
5. before storing boots should be cleaned, preferably place to dry 1 to 2 days. After the boots to lay the shoe polish, do not forget to use the ball of paper stuffed in the boot, so boots to maintain the best posture.
6. If boots wet, should be as dry in a warm place; avoid close to the heat source.

7. For suede boots, the best use of specialized care tools and raw rubber brush turned fur coloring agent maintenance. Use raw rubber fur brush along the growth direction of the floating dust dusting. After floating dust, spray coloring agent on suede boots, a coloring agent may be purchased at the point of care shoes.

Monday, August 29, 2016

How to Protect Leather Bag(2)

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Last week,we introduce eight suggestion to maintain leather bag,today,we will still write some tips about how to protect leather bag.

9. If leather wet accidentally, need dry drops and place on the shade to air dry. Avoid prolonged sun exposure or dry on the fire.

10. Before use of leather care products, first with a little products text on the bottom or inside of the bag is less conspicuous place, to be determined no problem and then use the entire leather.

11. Leather appear leather wrinkles, use the iron set to wool fabrics ironing temperature and repeat.

12. The leather hardware maintenance, should after use with a dry cloth. Such as micro-oxidation, may try to gently rub the flour or toothpaste M metal.

13. Leather finish, can wipe with a soft cloth.

14. maintenance glitter leather fabric, use leather care little for oil stick on a soft cloth, and then rub a little harder on the leather; matte leather maintenance, usually just wipe with a cloth, if serious dirt, you can try in a similar rubber eraser wipe gently removed.

15.Leather goods such as produce stains black spots, try to be the same color leather swab dipped in alcohol.

Friday, August 26, 2016

How to Protect Leather Bag

Today, the leather bag has become a travel essential thing, bag maintain become very important. Today, we will tell you how to protect bag.

1. Leather have strong absorption, should pay attention to pollution prevention, especially high-grade matte leather.

2. Once a week with a dry towel wrung wet to wipe lightly.

3. If there are stains on leather, with a clean damp sponge dipped in warm detergent wipe, and then let it dry before you use it.

4. As spilled drinks on the leather should be immediately with a clean cloth or sponge to the dry, and wipe with a damp cloth, let dry naturally, do not use hair dryer drum.

5. If stained with grease, it can be used to clean cloth, and the remaining by the natural dissipation or detergent to clean, do not use water to wish.

6. If found any holes, broken burning phenomenon, not unauthorized repair, contact the manufacturer as soon as possible.

7. Leather furniture will not exposure on the sun, it will lead to chapped and faded leather.

8. High-quality leather surface have minor injuries, can by the hand temperature and oil make off minor injuries fade.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Comparative Performance Microfiber Leather and Pu Synthetic Leather

Pu leather and microfiber synthetic leather is a leather, then, between these two, what kind of similarities and differences in the production process and the performance of Pu leather and microfiber synthetic leather ? This is a problem with you today want to introduce, and here we come to tell you about this issue now.

Microfiber leather having extremely excellent wear resistance, excellent cold, breathable, anti-aging properties. PU is the most common synthetic leather, and also PU microfiber leather one, but requires higher, closer to the dermis.
Microfiber is composed of one high-performance PU (polyurethane resin) and microfiber fabric are bonded together, its structure is closest to the dermis, it belongs to the third generation of artificial leather, with excellent performance.

PU is a polyurethane. PU leather with excellent performance. In other countries, due to the impact of the Animal Protection Association, in addition to the development of technology, performance and application of polyurethane synthetic leather surface than natural leather. After the addition of ultra-fine fibers, polyurethane toughness and breathability, abrasion resistance has been further strengthened.Such manufactured without a doubt,the performance is quite excellent

How to Maintain Furniture(2)

6.Do not rinse plywood furniture, should not be placed in alkaline soak prevent splint bulk plastic or unglued.
7.Do not use different color to embed in furniture ,so as not to leave scar.
8.Do not wipe the dirt surface of the furniture with a dry cloth. Because dust is made of fiber, sand and siliceous, these tiny particles in the wiping back and forth friction, it has been damaged furniture finish. Although these little scratches, and even the naked eye can not see, but over time, it will lead to bleak rough surface of furniture.

9.When moving furniture not dragged, should put lightly; discharge should be placed flat steady, if uneven ground, the leg pad is to prevent damage to the mortise structure.
10.Not put hardness things on top of the wardrobe, in order to avoid the door bulge or deform; clothes do not pile up too much, so as not to exceed the door, causing the door shut lax.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

How to Maintain Furniture(1)

if you buy leather hides furniture,you need to maintain carefully.The article will teach you how to maintain furniture.
1. Do not use coarse cloth or old clothes to wipe furniture. Because coarse fibers are more rough, and old clothes have many sutures and buttons, which are easy to scratch furniture. Preferably with a towel, cotton cloth, cotton or flannel cloth and other good absorbent cloth to wipe furniture
  2. Do not spray wax on leather furniture. Furniture care spray wax can be used to spray the surface of wooden furniture, not sprayed on leather furniture. Once the spray wax spray on it, it will lead to clogging of the pores of leather products, the leather will age and shorten its life. In addition, some people in order to make furniture look shiny, some of the products made of wax directly applied on the furniture, or improper use, would give the furniture surface haze spots.

3. Do not use soap soiled, detergent and a damp cloth to wipe the furniture. Because they have a certain corrosive, which can damage the surface of furniture, so the furniture paint becomes bleak, if the penetration of moisture into the wood, the wood will cause mold or local deformation, shortened life.

4. Do not place furniture on the sun exposure, they also do not want the furniture in a very humid place. If the furniture is sun exposure, the case will paint the furniture surface to the sun , but also volatile paint, a long time had changed color, even unglued, crack. If too moist, it is easy snake, mildew, corrosion furniture.

5. Do not place hot things, such as high concentrations of alcohol, boiled water etc ,to prevent damage to the paintwork.
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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Milk Silk Fabrics(2)

Milk Silk advantages:
1. softness, skin-friendly equivalent to or better than cashmere;

2. breathable, moisture transmission is good, chill;

3. warm cashmere close, warm and good;

4. milk, cashmere wear, pilling resistance, color, strength are better than cashmere;

5. since the milk protein contains amino acids, the skin does not exclude such a fabric, a considerable layer of human skin, and the skin conservation role.

In the 21st century, people advocating back to nature, back to nature, pay more attention to clothing comfort, health care, gentrification and fashion. Thus, the milk protein fibers as "green", the representative of "health" -type textiles, silk milk products has become international and domestic market consumption trends, but also to meet consumers' clothing green, healthy and fashionable pursuit. Milk protein fiber because the industry has numerous advantages over the countries we are actively working in this area of product development, and diversified areas of development, development is very rapid.

Milk protein fiber can be pure spin, can also be cashmere, silk, silk, cotton, wool, linen and other fibers blended fibers woven into a fabric having a milk characteristics, can develop high-grade underwear, shirts, home clothes, men and women T-shirt, milk cashmere skirts, casual wear, bedding and other home textiles.

Milk protein fiber has the advantage of both natural fibers, but also has characteristics of chemical fiber, good quality, the quality indicators meet the requirements of cashmere textiles, blended with cashmere and pure spinning, made of a unique style of high-end apparel. The annual output of cashmere currently on the market in about 1 million tons, t price at 800,000 yuan, compared with cashmere obvious price advantage, very significant economic benefits. Milk protein fiber into the cashmere market, cashmere instead of part of the market has great potential.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

What is milk skill fabrics

What is milk fabrics.Milk Silk is to liquid skim milk, water go after the resulting milk protein, coupled with soft agent, made from the milk slurry, and then wet spinning process and scientific processing, textile made from milk protein fiber, and further can be spun into fabric milk silk cloth.

Milk silk products containing various amino acids up to 17 species. Run muscle moistening skin wear there, mayonnaise slippery skin effect, and milk silk also has a natural long-lasting antibacterial function, according to the Shanghai Health and Epidemic Prevention Station detection, the inhibition rate of 80% or more, harmful skin bacteria, cocci , fungi are inhibited. Milk silk woven fabric texture, light, soft, smooth drape, wearing silk milk products wear breathable, chill. As the milk silk than cotton yarn (high count), silk high strength, moth, mildew, and therefore more durable, washable, easy storage.

milk skill fabrics 

Special properties of milk protein fiber fabrics and clothing in the show is true, magnificent and lasting color, the color and dye affinity exceptionally bright and vivid, as long as the washing under the right conditions, even after repeated washing cloth color still bright as new. More strange is that the milk protein fiber unlike other animal protein fibers such as wool, silk moth mildew as easily or aging, even placed a few years still remain bright as new. This means being easy to wear, easy care. The Soft tender and it has an elegant natural luster, luxury fashion is the best partner.
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Monday, August 15, 2016

The Principles and Maintain of PU Leather(2)

2. Divided by product type:

(1) Furniture Maintain:
a. Place the furniture to avoid high temperatures. Too high temperature will change the appearance of synthetic leather. Therefore, furniture should not be placed near the stove, it should not be placed on the radiator edge and do not let direct sunlight.

b. Furniture do not place in the cold air blowing straight position , prevent to synthetic leather cold, cracking, hardening.

c. Do not place furniture in the humidity of the space, such as toilet, bathroom, kitchen.

d. Wipe synthetic leather furniture, do not use detergent or soap dipped in a wet towel, wipe with a dry cloth in general, with special leather care agent. If you accidentally knocked over drinks or water, wipe it dry immediately, to keep the surface dry.

(2) Leather shoes maintenance:
a. When the shoes dirty, scrub gently with water dipped in detergent, then rinse, wash and not touch the weapon. When brushing is not a long soak in the wash solution, the soaking time may not exceed 15 minutes.

b. Place the shade to dry, and avoid direct sunlight.

c. Avoid contact with organic reagents and fat class solution, but not at high temperature environment for a long time wearing. General wear or washing with a temperature not higher than 45 degree centigrade.

d. If long term storage, shoe brush clean firstly, cool dry place rear ventilated place.

a. a damp cloth dipped in water and diluted with a little detergent cleaning, avoid gasoline scrub or alcohol and not contact with organic solvents.

b. Not to dry wash

c . Not put on the sun exposure

d. PU leather coat needs to mount bagged collection, not off loaded