Sunday, July 31, 2016

2017 popular leather pattern printing forecast

Snakeskin pattern printing

Snakeskin pattern printed in the spring and summer of 2017, there has been a new breakthrough.The new season of the popular fish and insects and tropical prints and snakeskin pattern combined together, unprecedented novelty effect. Watercolor print, Painting, gouache effect pattern, etc.,are novel with elements for wild snakeskin pattern adds style charm charming atmosphere.

Traditional printing

Having the last century, sixties and seventies era featuring Profile quaint printing leather printing a show on another important trend.Patent leather coat for added flavor of the times and the three-dimensional effect.After stylized interpretation of the decorative style prints, combined with the natural
texture of the leather texture and showing a low-key gorgeous retro style.

Color snakeskin pattern

Snakeskin pattern with colorful color combination on Lineapelle show shine.
Single rich color snakeskin pattern, texture than the more eye-catching color,
texture and dark tones more prominent. Contrast between two or more color rendering snakeskin pattern formed along the grain clever embellishment Ye Yan brilliant appearance, bronzing effect is also very gorgeous.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

How To Match The Color To The Leather Bag

classic color matching of black and white :
The color of black and white forever belongs to classical collocation and indispensable to the two kinds of color, black leather bag looks so noble, elegant, mysterious and somewhat sexy, and white is a symbol of purity, then black leather handbag can match the clothes are mostly gray, beige and blue, and white can be with all colors of clothes joker.

gorgeous color matching:
Red represents passion and romance, and orange yellow symbolizes the passion and vitality, they can all be paired with black, white, yellow, and blue color clothes; green leather female bag brand represents the color of nature, looks particularly cool and refreshing, full of life, the most appropriate and black and yellow collocation.

light color matching:
Gray is a mature neutral color, the basic can be used with all colors of clothes; and pink is the first no two of the female color, can match the color of clothing is generally white, black, dark shades of pink, rose.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Development of Huadu District Leather Industry

Recently, this reporter learned from the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Industry, as of now, Huadu District, leather and leather business has 33,257 households,
 in 2010 successfully registered the basis of "Shiling" collective trademark leather on
 leather and leather industry Huadu District Total registered trademark more than 4400,
 two trademark was identified as "Guangdong Province", 10 trademark was named "
famous trademark in Guangzhou."

Huadu Branch Trade and Industry, according to reports, the council on registration data based on a comprehensive understanding of business scale and development potential of the leather industry, the formation of a special report in a timely manner to the territorial government asked the report. Actively guide, encourage and help 328 individual businesses to upgrade, involving companies registered capital of 180 million yuan.

To promote the development of the leather industry norms, the council increase the strength of the joint quality supervision, public security departments, leather goods market and carry out special rectification action against unlicensed operators, trademark infringement and other illegal activities. Since 2014, a total of 163 cases dealt with unlicensed operation, settles trademark case 229, the case value of 2.1991 million yuan, 195,500 infringing goods confiscated, seized 148,400 infringing trademarks. In addition, the council is also the area towns, businesses, markets and key regions to establish a network complaints, the establishment of service stations Hongdun rights, and with the liaison officer of the regional road rural BUSINESS cooked, business and usually work out the distribution of the contact number of advantages, borrowing social forces, digging the source case expand counterfeiting rights surrounding tissue.

It is worth mentioning that, on the basis of the existing branch Huadu Shiling leather leather city and other professional trading market, providing personal guidance services to form the finished market gradually gather. It is learned that the town of Shiling Yiqun village was known as the "Taobao village", gathered nearly 400 Taobao. The initial formation of the local dragon-chi sinks O2O electricity business gathering area and polyethylene bags e-commerce industry park as the representative of the electricity supplier industry gathering area, as well as the Holy Land Group's Shiling (International) Leather electronic trading center, the development of more than 7200 members .

Source: Chinese Communist Party News

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Proposal on Environmental Practice of Using eco-leather

"Eco-leather" is a certification mark China Leather Association in 2003 on the basis of "leather logo" on the introduction of suitable eco-finished leather and eco-finished fur of finished leather and finished fur production process clean and product performance Ecological proposed clear requirements, the strong support of national authorities and recognition of many international organizations.

Use "eco-leather" is a commitment to consumer safety and health protection, promoting the use of "eco-leather" Solemn Declaration is environmentally friendly leather industry of our country and the people to make. In order to promote "eco-leather" use and promotion, as a representative of leather logo enterprises, Our leather logo brands the initiative and set an example:

First, obtain preferential purchasing "eco-leather" eligibility to use Finished finished leather or fur, promote the production, consumption and the environment and common development;

Second, in order to continuously expand the leather goods market as their responsibility, and actively promote "eco-leather" concept to consumers;

Third, take the initiative to support the "eco-leather" work to enhance, maintain close communication and information "eco-leather" enterprises, feedback market information, and promote eco-leather enterprise product development and technological progress.
We believe that China leather factory in close cooperation through the chain of mutual support, win-win development, will emerge more stronger industry brand, promote our country to build the early realization of the dream of power leather.

Source: China Leather Association

Monday, July 25, 2016

How to Buy Leather Fabric

Buy quality leather garments mainly in the following aspects: color fastness, adhesive coating, materials, leather strength and processing. When consumers buy leather, we should note the following: we must recognize Ming pi clothing trademark, manufacturer name and address, do not buy no registered trademark, did not identify the manufacturer of the product.

Second, there should be no fade leather clothing , split pulp, out of pulp and other phenomena, should feel plump and flexible, consistent with the whole dress color, no color, flower color, smooth leather, fine grain.

the third is a "touch", the second "smell", three " Look". "Touch" for a soft, plump, good elasticity, "smell" to be no strong odor to odorless as well, "see" depends ZhengYi is too thin, with or without loose surface, from the shell, green skin shedding. Usually three, four or five pigs, six sheep to make a fur coat, leather so the overall effect to thickness, weight, color with the right mix, the difference between primary and secondary sites to be as small as possible.

Leather Check: Look bleaching. Choose leather minor parts, such as the back collar, skirts or clothes inside the site, with cotton wool stained water squeezed by hand, in a 10cm long leather on the site selected, with cotton wool rub back and forth in the above 20 times, observe cotton are stained with color, if the color of a heavier stick, black or dark gray, is defective. Experimental tests, the general requirements for leather wet wipe level for the three (color contrast can be found in standard leather card test station). Look out plasma surface crack the case, or in the secondary site visual inspection can be based on this principle, in the secondary part of the leather cut a small mouth, a gently breaking, if the deformation of the incision site, description tear strength is not enough. You can also use moderate force to pull the seams, if torn trend was unqualified; you can let your fingers forced from the inside to pull the top of the leather, if fracture surface and split pulp are unqualified.

Check leather accessories: leather life is very long, very texture of leather accessories requirements, zippers, buttons are generally copper superior products, more high-quality leather lining silk production.

Quality leather soft, smooth, elastic, hand press out wrinkles disappear quickly, the various parts of leather clothes uniform thickness, wear comfortable, equatorial, crisp, not hard or soft board.

Shiny leather production using leather, soft, clear grain, smooth, strong sense of light grain, has become a high-quality leather produced ingredients, and commonly used needle sewing.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

What Is Genuine Leather Logo

In order to ensure the quality of leather,China Leather Association carry out leather quality.Leather suppliers will be awarded a genuine leather logo when they through strict vetting. Leather with genuine leather logo has three characteristics:

1, the product is made of high-quality leather;

2, the product is excellent workmanship of high-grade products;

3, consumers buy features a leather standard Chi leather products can enjoy a
good after-sales service.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

How To Maintenance Leather Bag

There are some suggestion for protecting purse.
1.    Timely clean stains.with the stain should be promptly disposed of,long affected faded stains easily harden and lose color, influence perception, the more damage the cortex bag.

2. Attention skill. When you're with the baby wipes to gently wipe the stain with a dry towel to wipe off the residual moisture, avoid water damage destroyed the cortex.

3. Using oil. do maintenance on a regular basis to purses purses care with special conservation agent.some of pu leather supplier should sold that.if you feel difficult to maintain, you can find some regular maintenance of leather shop to maintain.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Artificial Leather Development Process

Artificial leather production in the world more than 60 years of development history , the early 
scientists the chemical composition and structure of natural leather starting from research and 
analysis , the earliest use of leather in 1921 nitrocellulose coated fabrics made of nitrification 
fiber cloth, which is the first generation of artificial leather.
In 1937 Germany led by Professor Bayer research work on the success of the polyurethane
 resin , polyurethane leather and synthetic leather development has laid a good foundation.
 Following the PVC artificial leather ,, pu synthetic leather through science and technology 
experts 30 years of painstaking research and development in 1953, Germany launched the 
first polyurethane leatherette aspects of the patent , as the ideal substitute for natural leather ,
 was a breakthrough technological advances . Japan in 1962 and the introduction of the 
patent from Germany, Japan, the same year Xingguo Chemical Industry Company leather is 
also made of polyurethane . Around 1963, DuPont successfully developed PU synthetic 
leather, its appearance , physical constitution and feeling closer to natural leather , grades for 
corfam. 2 , Japan Kurashiki Rayon Company have also made ​​the trade name of synthetic
 leather clarino . Then Toyo Tire & Rubber Company is also made of polyurethane synthetic 
leather Patra , Teijin 's brother Utrecht also studied successful.

On this basis , scientists have made ​​many improvements and exploration: the first is to 
improve the terms of the substrate , followed by coating resin modified and improved . 
To the 1970s , synthetic fibers, non-woven acupuncture appears to form a network , bond and
 other technology into a network , so that the substrate has a lotus -shaped cross-section ,
 hollow fiber , to the porous structure and in the reticular structure of natural leather Claim.
Then synthetic leather surface has been able to do the fine pore structure of the polyurethane
 layer , the equivalent of natural grain leather , so that the appearance and internal structure
 pu leather and natural leather gradually close , other physical properties are close to natural
 leather index , the color is more vivid than natural leather , folding its normal temperature 
reached 100 million or more , cold folding can reach the level of natural leather .

Currently, there have been domestic and international markets microfiber polyurethane 
synthetic leather is the third generation of artificial leather, it is the use of natural leather 
collagen fiber bundle structure similar performance microfiber, a three-dimensional network 
structure made of high density non-woven fabric, combined with pu slurry impregnated with 
a newly developed open pore structure, the surface layer of the composite processing 
technology has played a huge surface area of microfiber absorbent and strong role in
 making ultra-fine grade pu synthetic leather having a beam like ultra -fine natural leather
 collagen fibers inherent hygroscopic properties, and thus, whether from the internal 
microstructure, texture or appearance and physical properties and people wearing comfort, 
etc., can be comparable with the advanced natural leather. In addition, microfiber synthetic 
leather in chemical resistance, uniformity of mass, large-scale production and processing 
adaptability waterproof, mildew degeneration, etc., more than natural leather. Practice has 
proved that the excellent performance of synthetic leather is natural leather can not be 
replaced, from domestic and international market analysis, synthetic leather has largely 
replaced the inadequate resources of natural leather. Using leather and synthetic leather to
 make bags, clothes, shoes, vehicles and furniture decoration, has received increased 
recognition of the market a wide range of applications, the number of large, variety, is the 
traditional natural leather can not be met.
In summary, the production of artificial leather industry has several decades of history , with 
the application of new materials , which are constantly updated product definition . Base
 fabric woven from today to a nonwoven fabric ; resin used in the resin from polyvinyl chloride, 
acrylic acid into the polyurethane ; fiber use from ordinary polyester, nylon, rayon and other 
synthetic fibers and the development of lotus -shaped fiber and ultrafine fiber and other 
functional differential fiber . From the style of products, artificial tanning has gone from low to 
high-end , from profiling to the development of the simulation , the characteristics and
 development direction of getting closer to the natural leather. After years of continuous 
research and development , pu synthetic leather in terms of product quality, variety , or 
yields have been rapid growth performance closer to natural leather, some performance even 
more than natural leather, reached the natural leather doubtful attainment in human daily life
 occupies a very important position.