Thursday, September 1, 2016

Leather Manufacturing Technology Innovation to Improve Value-added Products(1)

In recent years, the enterprise has developed to enhance the core competitiveness as the leading research and development mechanism, set up an efficient cross-sectoral R & D project team. At the same time, in order to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of R & D personnel to ensure the efficient operation of research and development work to improve the overall performance of R & D system, enterprises have established research and development processes and project management system to adapt to the development of the organization and human resources management system, including organizational structure, culture R & D personnel, R & D personnel and salary management mechanism to encourage R & D personnel R & D system.

Leather and hard as a thermal insulation material, has been used as the basic fabric of fall and winter clothing, color and more color to heavy-based. Therefore, in the fur and garment industry, there is a hot second half of the first half closed predicament. Learned from relevant departments, a lot of the content of this revision, involving a wide range, to a number of leather manufacturing industry has brought no small challenge.

It is reported that high risk products as leather products, has been suffering from chemical residue problems, and thus frequently outside the recall notification. EU non-food consumer Rapid Alert System for China and the US CPSC detain product data, for example, in 2013 only Chinese-made leather products in the EU and the United States notified cases reached 38, the "get in the door" is also more technical content and low value-added products, mainly for shoes, boots, leather gloves, baby shoes 4 categories. Because often used in leather shoes, laundry, and human contact for a long time, which is toxic and harmful substances particularly serious impact on human health, therefore, the world has a corresponding law leather products of toxic and hazardous substances control.

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