Wednesday, August 31, 2016

How to Maintain leather boots

Winter is coming, no matter what kind of style boots, winter are many consumers who love winter equipment. But the boots wear more, or usually pay no attention to care and maintenance, it also prone to breakage affect the appearance.There are some tips to tell you how to maintain leather boots.
1. buy new leather boots do not wear immediately, should play a thin layer of shoe polish, place 1 day wear.
2. boots should be serviced once a week at least, remember to oil. In bad weather used to wear boots, you should dry the surface after it re-branded shoe polish.
3. white boots can use rubber to the stain clean.

4. Don’t wear same pair of boots more than three days.
5. before storing boots should be cleaned, preferably place to dry 1 to 2 days. After the boots to lay the shoe polish, do not forget to use the ball of paper stuffed in the boot, so boots to maintain the best posture.
6. If boots wet, should be as dry in a warm place; avoid close to the heat source.

7. For suede boots, the best use of specialized care tools and raw rubber brush turned fur coloring agent maintenance. Use raw rubber fur brush along the growth direction of the floating dust dusting. After floating dust, spray coloring agent on suede boots, a coloring agent may be purchased at the point of care shoes.

Monday, August 29, 2016

How to Protect Leather Bag(2)

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Last week,we introduce eight suggestion to maintain leather bag,today,we will still write some tips about how to protect leather bag.

9. If leather wet accidentally, need dry drops and place on the shade to air dry. Avoid prolonged sun exposure or dry on the fire.

10. Before use of leather care products, first with a little products text on the bottom or inside of the bag is less conspicuous place, to be determined no problem and then use the entire leather.

11. Leather appear leather wrinkles, use the iron set to wool fabrics ironing temperature and repeat.

12. The leather hardware maintenance, should after use with a dry cloth. Such as micro-oxidation, may try to gently rub the flour or toothpaste M metal.

13. Leather finish, can wipe with a soft cloth.

14. maintenance glitter leather fabric, use leather care little for oil stick on a soft cloth, and then rub a little harder on the leather; matte leather maintenance, usually just wipe with a cloth, if serious dirt, you can try in a similar rubber eraser wipe gently removed.

15.Leather goods such as produce stains black spots, try to be the same color leather swab dipped in alcohol.

Friday, August 26, 2016

How to Protect Leather Bag

Today, the leather bag has become a travel essential thing, bag maintain become very important. Today, we will tell you how to protect bag.

1. Leather have strong absorption, should pay attention to pollution prevention, especially high-grade matte leather.

2. Once a week with a dry towel wrung wet to wipe lightly.

3. If there are stains on leather, with a clean damp sponge dipped in warm detergent wipe, and then let it dry before you use it.

4. As spilled drinks on the leather should be immediately with a clean cloth or sponge to the dry, and wipe with a damp cloth, let dry naturally, do not use hair dryer drum.

5. If stained with grease, it can be used to clean cloth, and the remaining by the natural dissipation or detergent to clean, do not use water to wish.

6. If found any holes, broken burning phenomenon, not unauthorized repair, contact the manufacturer as soon as possible.

7. Leather furniture will not exposure on the sun, it will lead to chapped and faded leather.

8. High-quality leather surface have minor injuries, can by the hand temperature and oil make off minor injuries fade.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Comparative Performance Microfiber Leather and Pu Synthetic Leather

Pu leather and microfiber synthetic leather is a leather, then, between these two, what kind of similarities and differences in the production process and the performance of Pu leather and microfiber synthetic leather ? This is a problem with you today want to introduce, and here we come to tell you about this issue now.

Microfiber leather having extremely excellent wear resistance, excellent cold, breathable, anti-aging properties. PU is the most common synthetic leather, and also PU microfiber leather one, but requires higher, closer to the dermis.
Microfiber is composed of one high-performance PU (polyurethane resin) and microfiber fabric are bonded together, its structure is closest to the dermis, it belongs to the third generation of artificial leather, with excellent performance.

PU is a polyurethane. PU leather with excellent performance. In other countries, due to the impact of the Animal Protection Association, in addition to the development of technology, performance and application of polyurethane synthetic leather surface than natural leather. After the addition of ultra-fine fibers, polyurethane toughness and breathability, abrasion resistance has been further strengthened.Such manufactured without a doubt,the performance is quite excellent

How to Maintain Furniture(2)

6.Do not rinse plywood furniture, should not be placed in alkaline soak prevent splint bulk plastic or unglued.
7.Do not use different color to embed in furniture ,so as not to leave scar.
8.Do not wipe the dirt surface of the furniture with a dry cloth. Because dust is made of fiber, sand and siliceous, these tiny particles in the wiping back and forth friction, it has been damaged furniture finish. Although these little scratches, and even the naked eye can not see, but over time, it will lead to bleak rough surface of furniture.

9.When moving furniture not dragged, should put lightly; discharge should be placed flat steady, if uneven ground, the leg pad is to prevent damage to the mortise structure.
10.Not put hardness things on top of the wardrobe, in order to avoid the door bulge or deform; clothes do not pile up too much, so as not to exceed the door, causing the door shut lax.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

How to Maintain Furniture(1)

if you buy leather hides furniture,you need to maintain carefully.The article will teach you how to maintain furniture.
1. Do not use coarse cloth or old clothes to wipe furniture. Because coarse fibers are more rough, and old clothes have many sutures and buttons, which are easy to scratch furniture. Preferably with a towel, cotton cloth, cotton or flannel cloth and other good absorbent cloth to wipe furniture
  2. Do not spray wax on leather furniture. Furniture care spray wax can be used to spray the surface of wooden furniture, not sprayed on leather furniture. Once the spray wax spray on it, it will lead to clogging of the pores of leather products, the leather will age and shorten its life. In addition, some people in order to make furniture look shiny, some of the products made of wax directly applied on the furniture, or improper use, would give the furniture surface haze spots.

3. Do not use soap soiled, detergent and a damp cloth to wipe the furniture. Because they have a certain corrosive, which can damage the surface of furniture, so the furniture paint becomes bleak, if the penetration of moisture into the wood, the wood will cause mold or local deformation, shortened life.

4. Do not place furniture on the sun exposure, they also do not want the furniture in a very humid place. If the furniture is sun exposure, the case will paint the furniture surface to the sun , but also volatile paint, a long time had changed color, even unglued, crack. If too moist, it is easy snake, mildew, corrosion furniture.

5. Do not place hot things, such as high concentrations of alcohol, boiled water etc ,to prevent damage to the paintwork.
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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Milk Silk Fabrics(2)

Milk Silk advantages:
1. softness, skin-friendly equivalent to or better than cashmere;

2. breathable, moisture transmission is good, chill;

3. warm cashmere close, warm and good;

4. milk, cashmere wear, pilling resistance, color, strength are better than cashmere;

5. since the milk protein contains amino acids, the skin does not exclude such a fabric, a considerable layer of human skin, and the skin conservation role.

In the 21st century, people advocating back to nature, back to nature, pay more attention to clothing comfort, health care, gentrification and fashion. Thus, the milk protein fibers as "green", the representative of "health" -type textiles, silk milk products has become international and domestic market consumption trends, but also to meet consumers' clothing green, healthy and fashionable pursuit. Milk protein fiber because the industry has numerous advantages over the countries we are actively working in this area of product development, and diversified areas of development, development is very rapid.

Milk protein fiber can be pure spin, can also be cashmere, silk, silk, cotton, wool, linen and other fibers blended fibers woven into a fabric having a milk characteristics, can develop high-grade underwear, shirts, home clothes, men and women T-shirt, milk cashmere skirts, casual wear, bedding and other home textiles.

Milk protein fiber has the advantage of both natural fibers, but also has characteristics of chemical fiber, good quality, the quality indicators meet the requirements of cashmere textiles, blended with cashmere and pure spinning, made of a unique style of high-end apparel. The annual output of cashmere currently on the market in about 1 million tons, t price at 800,000 yuan, compared with cashmere obvious price advantage, very significant economic benefits. Milk protein fiber into the cashmere market, cashmere instead of part of the market has great potential.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

What is milk skill fabrics

What is milk fabrics.Milk Silk is to liquid skim milk, water go after the resulting milk protein, coupled with soft agent, made from the milk slurry, and then wet spinning process and scientific processing, textile made from milk protein fiber, and further can be spun into fabric milk silk cloth.

Milk silk products containing various amino acids up to 17 species. Run muscle moistening skin wear there, mayonnaise slippery skin effect, and milk silk also has a natural long-lasting antibacterial function, according to the Shanghai Health and Epidemic Prevention Station detection, the inhibition rate of 80% or more, harmful skin bacteria, cocci , fungi are inhibited. Milk silk woven fabric texture, light, soft, smooth drape, wearing silk milk products wear breathable, chill. As the milk silk than cotton yarn (high count), silk high strength, moth, mildew, and therefore more durable, washable, easy storage.

milk skill fabrics 

Special properties of milk protein fiber fabrics and clothing in the show is true, magnificent and lasting color, the color and dye affinity exceptionally bright and vivid, as long as the washing under the right conditions, even after repeated washing cloth color still bright as new. More strange is that the milk protein fiber unlike other animal protein fibers such as wool, silk moth mildew as easily or aging, even placed a few years still remain bright as new. This means being easy to wear, easy care. The Soft tender and it has an elegant natural luster, luxury fashion is the best partner.
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Monday, August 15, 2016

The Principles and Maintain of PU Leather(2)

2. Divided by product type:

(1) Furniture Maintain:
a. Place the furniture to avoid high temperatures. Too high temperature will change the appearance of synthetic leather. Therefore, furniture should not be placed near the stove, it should not be placed on the radiator edge and do not let direct sunlight.

b. Furniture do not place in the cold air blowing straight position , prevent to synthetic leather cold, cracking, hardening.

c. Do not place furniture in the humidity of the space, such as toilet, bathroom, kitchen.

d. Wipe synthetic leather furniture, do not use detergent or soap dipped in a wet towel, wipe with a dry cloth in general, with special leather care agent. If you accidentally knocked over drinks or water, wipe it dry immediately, to keep the surface dry.

(2) Leather shoes maintenance:
a. When the shoes dirty, scrub gently with water dipped in detergent, then rinse, wash and not touch the weapon. When brushing is not a long soak in the wash solution, the soaking time may not exceed 15 minutes.

b. Place the shade to dry, and avoid direct sunlight.

c. Avoid contact with organic reagents and fat class solution, but not at high temperature environment for a long time wearing. General wear or washing with a temperature not higher than 45 degree centigrade.

d. If long term storage, shoe brush clean firstly, cool dry place rear ventilated place.

a. a damp cloth dipped in water and diluted with a little detergent cleaning, avoid gasoline scrub or alcohol and not contact with organic solvents.

b. Not to dry wash

c . Not put on the sun exposure

d. PU leather coat needs to mount bagged collection, not off loaded

The Principles and Maintain of PU Leather

As technology advances and leather industry, wholesale leather hides and leather products in large numbers. Consumers in the purchase process PU leather products, there have been two extreme direction, some people increasingly prefer PU leather products, as fashion models, affordable price. Another part of people complained PU leather products is short life, is not suitable for purchase.

First, what is the PU leather?
To know how to use and care, we must first know what the principles of PU leather production.

PU polyurethane is the English abbreviation of the chemical name "PU." PU leather is a kind of polyurethane resin impregnated, coated on the cloth, after the surface coating, a similar series of embossed leather product obtained after the treatment.

PU leather is now widely used to make bags, clothes, shoes, balls, gloves, car seats, furniture and packaging of various products, because of their wide range of applications, is the traditional natural leather insatiable.

1. According surface characteristics:

(1) Plain paper pattern surface: such as Napa, open edge bead or patent leather. Such leather surface should avoid being hit hard objects. Cleaning is relatively simple, wipe with a damp cloth.

(2) Nubuck,goat suede leather bar surface: As the surface is polished or other textured surface, similar to such products with leather suede leather, surface stain less performance, so pay special attention to wear place . If you need to clean with a damp cloth or soft brush to gently wipe.

(3) Crazy Horse, Brush and other surface: This type of leather due to the special surface, with not wearing light-colored clothing, otherwise it will be contaminated.

Friday, August 12, 2016

The introduction of glitter leather

In the PU leather or PVC glue glitter powder, let these leather becomes lighter grain leather, the leather industry collectively referred to as "glitter leather". Glitter Leather is used in different industries. Such as arts and crafts, shoes accessories, decoration materials

Surface spraying method

In the spray produced by the glitter leather, first with hair broom excess low adhesion of glitter powder swept away, and on the surface of the spray gun for spraying of low viscosity, high solid content, high gloss transparent polyurethane resin, then in the 80 to 120 DEG C drying, the PU resin thin protective layer is formed on the glitter powder surface, and improve the glitter powder adhesion, greatly improve the fastness to rubbing, but also to maintain its unique multi angle reflection effect. In order to reduce the influence of the solvent drying, the air hole can influence the transparency, and the method of spraying and baking is adopted in order to improve the transparency.

From the type of paper coating method in glitter leather surface with a layer of dry transparent resin, its production method by dry polyurethane. The production method of spraying glitter leather as the substrate for laminating on  release paper, the specific process is as follows:

From the paper, coated with transparent polyurethane resin - 130 to 150 DEG C x 1. 5 min drying - coated complex double group polyurethane adhesive - 40 to 50 DEG C micro baking compound glitter leather - curing aged 12 to 24 hours - Glitter leather and paper separation and volumes from the mirror.

The coated after of glitter leather surface form a layer of thin mirror like transparent protective layer, so that the leather to general polyurethane artificial leather wear resistance, winding resistance is greatly improved, and keep the softness, formed on the surface of crystal effect, can be used to wear for the production of high sports shoes, belt, bag and so on.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

How to remedy the damaged leather

Generally speaking, leather clothing damaged can be divided into four types.

(1) Surface abrasions: leather surface is ground, but did not make the leather through hole;

(2) Scratch the surface: sharp weapon to cut the surface of a leather, but did not draw the leather;

(3): Break torn : make leather appearance through the mouth, but no hole;

(4) Have a hole: a hole in the shape of a hole.

According to different situations, we can be used for different ways to remedy.

(1) Surface abrasion: clean the virginity, if damage is not deep, direct use of leather coating wipe coating, remedy to the original color and appearance.

(2) Scratch the surface: clean the virginity, with leather adhesive will scratch out skin glue, to be dry, such as obvious signs, use sandpaper, then coated with leather coating slurry until it reaches reply to the original color and appearance.

(3) Break: find a thin piece of leather hides, than the break length, width of about 1.5 mm, put it on the hole. At the same time put glue on the top and leather break tails, and then carefully aligned break, will both cement. Such as breach of obvious, sanded smooth, then coated with leather pulp.

(4) Break hole: find the hole that is larger than the skin and consistent with the leather color. Trimmed the hole, then use leather stuck in the hole. Finally, carefully wipe the residual glue.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

PU leather common pitfalls and solutions

Synthetic Leather International Network January 12 hearing: in the production process, PU leather common pitfalls are: pinhole, spot, orange peel, drag lines, floating loose, now wove pad injury, the pattern is not clear, light dumb uneven and so on.
First defectPinhole

1, a mixed solvent evaporation too fast;
2, the furnace temperature is too high.

1, adjusting solvent formulations;
2, due to lower furnace temperature, especially the first set oven temperature.
Second defect: Spot orange peel

1, the bottom fabric uneven shrinkage;
2, the surface layer of the primer solvent made up.

1, the end of the fabric adjustment formula, the major base coat appropriate to add a layer of surface liquid type glue.
A, adjusting solvent formulations;
B, appropriate to accelerate the speed and reduce swelling time;
C, addition of polyethylene plastic surface phenoxy or a crosslinking agent.

Third defect: Tow line

1, a blade opening foreign body;
2, paint unevenness.

1, the elimination of foreign body;
2, an increase in agitation, the pigment evenly, filtered through the young network.
Fourth  defect: Pine float

1, fit gap is too large, insufficient bonding pressure;
2, the base material is too thin;
3, Fabric Wool cloth too long.

1, adjust the gap, increase the bonding pressure;
2, thick base material, an appropriate increase in the coating amount of the adhesive layer;
3, appropriate to reduce the length of plush fabric.
V. defect: Line fabric grain
1, fit the gap is too small, fit pressure is too large;
2, incomplete drying;
3, the curing time is not enough.

1, high-speed gap, reducing the bonding pressure;
2, the speed appropriate to reduce or increase the appropriate oven temperature;
3, an appropriate extension of aging time, especially in winter; or increase the amount of crosslinking agent and accelerator.

Sixth defect: Pad injury

1 periodically pad injury: A, a production process roller or the pressure roller outstanding foreign body; release paper paper at the end of a foreign body.
2, the quality inspection did not find until only the use of units found uncooked good.

1, A, clear the roller or the pressure roller to highlight differences; B, remove the paper bottom foreign matter.
2, an appropriate increase in the amount of crosslinking agent and accelerator, or consider choosing other kinds of grades of crosslinking agents and accelerators.

VII. Defects: Pattern unclear

1, fit the gap is too small, fit pressure is too large;
2, the release paper use too many times, the paper pattern is unclear.

1, adjust the fit clearances and pressure;
2, removal of part of the release paper pattern is unclear.

VIII. Defects
Dumb light unevenness

1, the release paper piling up for too long, some moisture.
2, the release paper use too many times, the paper pattern uneven surface of the light dumb.

1, first empty paper go once, release paper and drying;

2, removal of light dumb uneven portion release paper.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Leather Production Crafts

Synthetic leather manufacturing process can be divided according to the current dry PVC synthetic leather (leather), dry PU synthetic leather, wet PU synthetic leather.

1. PVC synthetic leather began to appear in 1948, yes. Paste stabilizer additives made on the fabric coated with PVC resin plasticizer. Or then laminating a layer of PVC film and then through a certain process machining process made. High-strength products. Processing is easy. Low cost. Do all kinds of bags. The socket. Lining. Debris. The main process includes a main production process are applied directly linked to law. Release paper method and calendering.

2. Dry PU leather
Dry PU leather is China from the late 70s from abroad production technology and equipment to develop the production of its production process through a certain product to the polyurethane resin solution wherein the volatile solvent, the resulting multi-layer film and Burkina Faso a multi-layer structure and body composition. At present, China mainly uses release paper production process based.

3. Wet polyurethane synthetic leather
Wet polyurethane synthetic leather in 1963 by the DuPont company developed to market our country in the early 1980s introduced from Japan as a base microfiber wet polyurethane synthetic leather production line and technology. Then the country have introduced from Europe. Taiwan the hundreds of articles from the felt as the substrate production line. At present, both the nonwoven fabric or microfiber. from the felt substrate for the production equipment can be domestically produced.

Wet polyurethane synthetic leather natural leather is the best alternative, which is to add the DMF solution of polyurethane resin various additives to form a slurry, impregnated or coated onto a substrate, and then placed having affinity with DMF nature, incompatibility with the polyurethane resin water, DMF is replaced with water, the polyurethane resin gradually solidified to form a porous film. The film is called Bass (bass), after the film surface-treated decorative, such as release paper method process film made of different types, different styles of polyurethane synthetic leather.

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Source: Leather Forum

Sunday, August 7, 2016

How to choose classical leather wallet

There are many leather hides can use to be leather strap.

Leather Strap: alligator
In general, common for alligator strap mainly from the alligators and caimans. But not the body of the crocodile leather strap can be made. It is only abdomen sofa leather can be used. There are two kinds pattern - square and round shape, square shape soft skin from the abdomen front, round abdomen skin from the side. Because one can only make a few crocodile strap, so the price is expensive.

Leather Strap: calf leather
Many different types of leather can be divided into calf, yellow leather, buffalo leather and so on. Calfskin leather which is the best quality , was born after the use of calf leather tanning is made within six months, texture fine lines, soft hand feel. Yellow leather is most frequently to be used , it is characterized by thick, elastic foot. As water leather, fur sparse, rough surface, the material looks and feels great texture, it is actually quite soft and comfortable to wear.

Leather Strap: lambskin

Lambskin is famous for good elasticity, it very suitable for the production of a strap, soft and comfortable to wear on the wrist. Look closely, lambskin texture clear, strong sense of leather, compared with other, lambskin is lighter, softer texture.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

How to Compare Leather Sofa Quality

1.look at the internal structure and stability
A good leather sofa, must use wood nail into the frame. We can feel sofa weight, if it is used packaging board, plywood, nail into the sofa is light in weight, solid wood frame is relatively heavy.

2.look at the internal structure of the fine workmanship
Both leather sofa or sofa, generally at the bottom have zipper can be opened, we can uncover the a angle of seat bottom cloth to view, if no rotten, no insects, no scar and and materials of convergence is not a nail, but to mortise, or moment export each bite, and then glue, that is no problem.

3. look at the quality of leather materials
This is the most critical, also a lot of friends are most concerned about. Leather sofa is characterized by the characteristics of the quality and workmanship of leather fabric. When china leather factory product sofa, they will use different leather. Derived from very much the type of leather, currently on the market widely used is the green husk and half green husk. There is no scar, texture delicate,  with finger tip pinch live a upwards tug, feel pliable but hard to break strong, take the wrinkles by finishing can disappear or are not obvious, so that the skin is good leather upper.

4. Look at the spring type and quality
In addition to leather, spring is also important. Because the spring is directly related to the soft hardness of the sofa, service life, and the most closely related to the comfort of the sofa. There are many types of sofa spring, different performance, you must be carefully asked to clear in the purchase.

5. Look at the filler
Filler mainly refers to sponge, sponges are divided into three types. Thwack sponge backrest and armrest portion, high elasticity and high elastic ultra- soft sponge do part of the seat, the high grade sofa cushion should use density in 30 kg / cubic meters of above high elastic foam sponge, back cushion should use density 25 kg / m3 high elastic foam sponge. As consumers can sit down and feel comfortable. Under normal circumstances, the human body to sit down after the sofa cushion to sag about 10 cm or so for the best. This is the same as all the other types of sofas to judge the quality of the filler.

6.look at the brand reputation and after-sales service

Looked at the five aspects of the quality of the front, consumers can basically choose the quality of leather sofa has a rough grasp of the level of. But for ordinary consumers as a layman, it is not enough to be sure that the quality of the sofa clearance. There are a lot of internal quality needs to be judged by the use of the future, consumers how to grasp the quality of these aspects of it. Personally think that only a reference to the credibility of the brand and after-sales service. So, we should try to choose the visibility and reputation of good production of sofa in the purchase. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The difference to leather and fur

Leather, it is mainly formed by the mammalian skin process. Leather is by hair removal and tanning and other physical and chemical processing of the obtained have been denatured nonperishable animal skins. Leather is a natural protein fiber tightly woven in three-dimensional space formed on its surface has a special grain layer, has a natural grain pattern and gloss,feel comfortable. Usually there are leather clothing sheepskin, pigskin, cowhide and horsehide. China leather factory use animals surface to make many products.The main subdivisions: furniture leather ,decorative leather, decorative leather, soft leather bag, leather sofas, leather and other decorative sliding door.

Fur refers to the use of clothing made from animal skins. Used to make fur animals including rare animal rabbit, fox, mink, etc., is also a source of fur. Since the original period of human will to hunt any animal fur made clothes to cover the cold, or to promote their achievements. In modern times, fur has become a symbol of wealth.So many animals facing human hunting because of the fur trade.take the skin during feeding for animals, feeding and slaughter process adopted animals to suffer a lot of pain,thus,animal protects against fur trade and consumption.