Tuesday, November 22, 2016

How to Identify Leather Care Agent

 1. leather care agent must be grease
When the temperature reaches 450 ~ 750 degrees, with the help of combustible materials, can fire burning, so you can use the combustion test, that is, the use of oil, Put a small amount of care agent evenly on the toilet paper, placed in the mosquito-repellent rack, the first lit toilet paper, burn to care agent, the care agent can fire.

2.with the appropriate penetration and adhesion
High-quality leather care agent, can evenly penetrate the various parts of the leather inside the fiber surface, and with the intradermal fiber well together, and the wax and dermal fibers within the combination of poor, but also due to low wax burning, easy to volatile , So the wax into the leather will soon be lost, because of its loss will also take away the leather within the original oil, the leather becomes more hard, more brittle, and the wax will plug the hairy eye, so pure wax is not appropriate For the care of dermis.

3. PH value with pH detection
If the pH value of leather care agent PH value is greater than 7, it was alkaline, it infiltrated the skin, destruction of intradermal skin surface between the original oil film, and wash off these intradermal fat, so that the leather between the internal fiber surface Fiber bonds to each other, the friction becomes larger, but also corrosive dermal fiber, leather hardening, brittle, or even cracking - alkaline damage to the dermis is here, that is, alkaline detergent, clean leather, infiltration Dermal internal alkaline substances, will destroy the internal structure of the dermis, especially intradermal fiber surface of the oil film, so that leather harden, brittle, and even cracking. Therefore, in addition to skin simulated leather oil cleanser, the skin care can not use detergent.
Leather care agent qualified pH = 5 ~ 7 between. PH value of the test paper in the general chemical teaching store for sale.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Leather shoes toe is easy to fray, clever clever repair

Most people will choose to buy leather shoes , because it not only wear a dignified appearance with gas field, and easy to care, but if the shiny shoes were worn, and that the more distressed ah, not only affect the overall appearance, but also affect Shoes, life, then me will teach you how to restore shoes.

Nail polish
Wearing nail polish on the shoes wear, and then on the shoe polish, so you do not see there is wear and tear.

Put egg white
If the skin is still worn off, then you can use egg repair, with a cotton swab dipped in a little egg white, wear a thin layer of the place, and then cover the skin and wear in the friction, so that egg coagulation and Stick, and finally can play shoe polish.

Tu speed adhesive
If the shoes were scratched, it is necessary to use quick-drying glue, and first with a quick-drying glue evenly coated on both sides of the gap, and then pressed by hand, glue dry and then coated with wax, iron ironing, and then coated On the same color leather wipe light pulp, wait until the dry after the shoe polish can be marked.

Pad leather
Choose a piece of leather the same color, in the back of the leather coated with special glue, stick in the wear, with a piece of cloth pressure is good, so that the leather completely stuck, the last shoe can.

Rub the cream

In the wear at the professional fill color paste, and then evenly spread can be, so you can restore the original shiny it!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Old Leather Handmade Small Decorative Accessories

Home with the old bag, wallet, or simply is a piece of I do not know when the whim buy the leather? Throw away on the waste, it is better to do something small gadgets, let her in your hands under a pair of practical and creative.

Pig piggy bank: fat bulging belly can hold a lot of Steel BEng it.

Puppy stationery plug: four legs can put a lot of pen, scissors and the like stationery, mouth can Diao a note, there are wheels at the foot can be easily moved, creative and practical full marks!
Kangaroo stationery baskets: whether it is pen or note paper or other bits and pieces of small things, can be easily incorporated into the pocket of the mother to Kangaroo.

Mother and son chicken paper clip: handkerchief, note, notes, lovely chicken a mother can help you receive good.

Monkey hanging objects: the red glowing monkey on the mysterious closet cabinet, let it help you to accommodate some easy to find things.

Rabbit kit: rabbit's stomach filled with small pills, syrup, eye-catching colors can always remind you to pay attention to health.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Light and diverse artificial leather clothing sought after

At first glance, the jacket and skirt with leather products, but in fact, this is made of chemical fiber processing, similar to the leather texture of fabric "artificial leather", this fabric because of its light texture, simple maintenance And become popular this fall dressing material.

Artificial leather is made of polyurethane and polyester fiber and other chemical fiber processing, imitation leather texture made of material.

In general, compared with a heavy sense of leather to wear up more light, the price is also cheaper. Recently, due to advances in technology, leatherette in nature and closer to ordinary leather.

artificial leather

Europe and the United States this spring and autumn 2012 to 13 fashion show, many brands have published leather elegant clothing, by this effect, in the store, the leather products and leather products side by side on the shelves.

For example, the new product jacket "LEJOUR" (21,450 yen) from the Sanyo Chamber of Commerce (Tokyo), a big company in the apparel industry. Although the soft fabric is like a real sheepskin, but in fact made of 100% polyester fiber, lightweight and scalable at the same time. With the same paragraph of the skirt (13,650 yen), will create a capable temperament.

The orange breeches (17,550 yen) of "MACKINTOSHPHILOSOPHY" produced by the agency are made of polyester fiber, but they look almost the same as fur. Breeches with a simple cut, and with a pattern of sweater with a very appropriate.

artificial leather

Artificial leather is very easy to process, can also make a variety of new design. "NAVY.WO" is a thin jacket (27,300 yen), which is made of artificial leather in the cuffs and back part. The jacket is characterized by a brisk movement. Color camel, navy, black three.

The unique design of the skirt with different colors (11,995 yen) is also well received, a total of the former film camel back film black, black film after the front piece of dark blue to choose the two. And before and after the film in any color with the same color of the jacket with, it will show an elegant atmosphere. "I'm very looking forward to this 

Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Development Trend of Synthetic Leather Industry(1)

 Artificial leather, synthetic leather is the last century, one of the great inventions of mankind. Artificial leather in China began in the late 50s of last century,China's leather industry is one of the early development of the industry. After several decades of construction, especially in the 1970s, continued to the 1990s to introduce Japan, Italy and other countries the production of synthetic leather advanced equipment and technology. With the development of high-tech at home and abroad and the application of advanced industrial equipment, China's synthetic leather industry management, technology, product quality has been a qualitative leap, especially in recent years, China's synthetic leather industry has become the world's largest producer , Consumption power, import and export power.

synthetic leather

New fiber technology continues to flood

Now with the development of modern high-tech, the current production of PU synthetic leather in terms of product quality, variety, or production have been rapid growth, its performance is getting closer to natural leather, some aspects of performance even more than natural leather. Such as anti-breaking strength, anti-tear strength, anti-peel strength, anti-sewing strength, abrasion resistance, flexural strength, cold resistance, aging resistance, fatigue, oil, chemical corrosion, mildew antibacterial, moisture permeability Performance, according to need, after special treatment, can be superior to the leather, to achieve the performance and appearance of natural leather quality and difficult to distinguish true and false degree. After the 90's, synthetic fiber and non-woven manufacturing, but also toward the ultra-fine, high density and high non-woven effect of direction. Polyurethane resin manufacturing to the PU dispersion, PU water emulsion direction. Product applications continue to expand in the daily lives of mankind occupies an increasingly important position.