Thursday, December 15, 2016

Leather Maintenance(2)

Third, leather care instructions:

1, ordinary leather The first layer of skin is the animal skin, good elasticity, fiber tight, you can see the skin injury, knife injury or toothpick marks, and leather itself pores, blood tendons and veins. The first layer of skin without treatment, the top tight, the following more loose, a transition due to leather processing dyeing staining, so the use of a period of time, especially the lighter color of the leather surface, there will be slight decolorization and wear skin, is a normal phenomenon .

2,patent leather: the surface is coated with high brightness light paint or crystal paint, gloss, leather surface firm, uniform color, suitable for the manufacture of popular fashion leather. High water resistance, no air permeability. Due to finishing heavy, cover strong, and more use of the first layer of defects and more skin production. Maintenance methods: the patent leather scratch is difficult to repair, try to avoid the use of hard objects, gravel scratches, wipe with a soft towel, not in the sun exposure or roasted, in order to prevent the leather surface hard, available colorless Care oil care, and wipe clean with a clean cloth back and forth, so as to maintain the original luster.

3, oil skin: When scratched with a fingernail when the surface will appear anti-white phenomenon. After hand rubbing will return to primary colors. This skin type oily, moist, thick but not hard, shiny. The first layer, there are two. Cleaning method: put a small amount of cotton on the leather oil, wipe evenly. Maintenance and precautions: pay attention to waterproof, anti-grease, try to avoid scratches with hard objects collision, resulting in cortical injury will not be able to recover. Oily heavy leather adhesive effect is poor, easy to open plastic. Can be used for maintenance of skin oil, such as Bili beads, varnish and the like.

4, water leather, waxing leather: test method: water dyed leather, waxing the surface without any decoration, just dyeing only, after polishing the surface of striae clear, three-dimensional sense of strong, smooth feel. Water dip leather surface, a significant wet India, the skin surface water. Cleaning method: in the cleaning process, can not use oil-based agent, the best rub with an eraser. Care and precautions: Water dyed leather, waxing leather is uncoated leather, easy to absorb moisture and stains, color is more prominent, the use should pay attention to avoid water or other stains, avoid contact with oil, not Rain, when not wipe the dust, keep the leather surface brightness, to prevent mildew.

5, wrinkled skin test method: the texture of the skin is more natural, a rough fine, feel better, through the wrestling machine is made of many beat processing. Cleaning method: easy to clean, with the general skin oil can be cleaned. Maintenance and Note: When not in use, it is best to hang up; if flat, to put on the surface, to avoid crushing wrinkles by other items, affecting the appearance.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Leather Maintenance(1)

First,the daily maintenance
(1). weekly use of  leather care solution for maintenance and care;
(2). Clean the leather with a soft cotton and leather wax wipe clean, so that will not hurt the leather, leather goods are not directly on the water where cleaning.
(3). To avoid the leather by a long exposure, rain;
(4). Avoid contact with acids, alkaline substances, corrosive substances, oil;
(5). Avoid sharp contact with hard objects or friction;
(6). To prevent overloading, overloading;
(7). When the leather damp, subject to moisture should be immediately dried, or dried with warm air;
(8). When the leather for long-term collection, the leather should be placed in the damp-proof agent, and plastic bags sealed in cold places.

Second,Matters needing attention
1, when used to prevent the following: rain soaking, moist storage, prolonged sun exposure, 70 ℃ above the high temperature, not directly with the rough material friction, avoid contact with acid and other corrosive substances.
2, how to deal with wet or wet leather with newspapers according to the original shape of propped up leather goods, in the sun to avoid ventilation drying, with leather oil leather; not near the high temperature, avoid drying or exposure to fire .
3, the leather surface scratches: spray skin care oil, natural air-dried. Cover the surface with a dry cloth, hair dryer heated 30-60 seconds after repeated friction with a dry cloth.
4, leather torn and damaged, it should be timely repair. If a small crack, can be coated in the cracks at the egg white, cracks can be bonded.
5, leather mildew how to use soft dry cloth to wipe the moldy part of the wipe clean, and then wipe the skin evenly. Must not be wiped with water and gasoline, water can make leather harden, gasoline can make leather oil volatile and chapped.

to be continued

Monday, December 5, 2016

Skin care of the bag care techniques

    As the standard of living materials continues to increase, material requirements will also increase, and bags are essential in daily life as daily necessities as well as for women. So for your beloved leather care methods and techniques, you know how much?

(1) If there is dust on the glitter leather, you can first use a soft cloth to wipe the surface of leather dust.

(2) To the surface of the package coated with a layer of care agent, so that the leather will be the most effective care to make the package to restore the appearance of beautiful, shiny, soft, waterproof, mechanical strength (such as tensile strength, tear strength, Grain crack strength, etc.) can be increased. To better protect the surface texture of the leather bag.

(3) When natural care agent after drying, professional leather cleaning agent shaken, with a soft texture of the cloth, gently wipe.

(4) A small area of ​​pollution, direct spray cleaner on the surface of the bag. Large areas of pollution, the detergent can be poured from the bottle, installed in the container, with a soft brush stained with detergent, directly applied to the skin surface. Stay for about 2 to 5 minutes, with a soft brush to brush, to dirt off, be sure to wipe the surface texture along the skin, if the gap, to follow the gap wipe.

(5) If it is a long time stains, leather surface dirt thickness of the larger, will penetrate into the skin texture. Leather simulation leather oil, because it is oil, poor permeability, cleaning effect is not ideal, can be diluted with water by adding 10% of the water, shake and then use. Water can help skin simulation leather oil cleaner penetration, cleaning effect is good, clean and efficient, this will not hurt the bag surface, because the dermis itself has a certain moisture content, the animal itself is higher than 10% moisture content.

For the season, don't need to use the bag, you can put in a cool dry place, coated with a layer of leather protective agent, you can plug some paper filler to prevent deformation of the bag, you can place some moisture agent, insecticide in a dust bag.