Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Leather Maintenance(1)

First,the daily maintenance
(1). weekly use of  leather care solution for maintenance and care;
(2). Clean the leather with a soft cotton and leather wax wipe clean, so that will not hurt the leather, leather goods are not directly on the water where cleaning.
(3). To avoid the leather by a long exposure, rain;
(4). Avoid contact with acids, alkaline substances, corrosive substances, oil;
(5). Avoid sharp contact with hard objects or friction;
(6). To prevent overloading, overloading;
(7). When the leather damp, subject to moisture should be immediately dried, or dried with warm air;
(8). When the leather for long-term collection, the leather should be placed in the damp-proof agent, and plastic bags sealed in cold places.

Second,Matters needing attention
1, when used to prevent the following: rain soaking, moist storage, prolonged sun exposure, 70 ℃ above the high temperature, not directly with the rough material friction, avoid contact with acid and other corrosive substances.
2, how to deal with wet or wet leather with newspapers according to the original shape of propped up leather goods, in the sun to avoid ventilation drying, with leather oil leather; not near the high temperature, avoid drying or exposure to fire .
3, the leather surface scratches: spray skin care oil, natural air-dried. Cover the surface with a dry cloth, hair dryer heated 30-60 seconds after repeated friction with a dry cloth.
4, leather torn and damaged, it should be timely repair. If a small crack, can be coated in the cracks at the egg white, cracks can be bonded.
5, leather mildew how to use soft dry cloth to wipe the moldy part of the wipe clean, and then wipe the skin evenly. Must not be wiped with water and gasoline, water can make leather harden, gasoline can make leather oil volatile and chapped.

to be continued

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