Thursday, February 8, 2018

5 Tips: How to care for leather clothing

If a glitter leather gets wet,hang it to dry, away from heat. Putting it in a dryer or near a heating vent could cause it to shrink and lose its shape.
  1. If you get a stain on a garment,don’t try to remove it yourself unless a leather-cleaning professional has advised you to. “The danger is you start removing the color and then it’s harder than ever to get out and restore,” Orlin says, noting it doesn’t matter if the piece is bright yellow, blue or a natural-looking brown. “We usually tell people who call us that we’d like to see the garment first and tell them what the alternatives are.”
  2. Store leather garments on padded hangersand cover with a plain bed sheet or cloth garment bag. Avoid plastic bags, as they don’t allow the garment to “breathe,” and can promote mold and mildew. Store in a dark, dry place. Sunlight will cause fading.
  3. Avoid letting a leather garment touch your skinin areas where it’s likely to come in contact with oils from your body and hair. Similarly, don’t let perfume or hairspray get on your leather apparel. They are hard to remove and the process of removing them can take color out of the clothing. “Wear a scarf,” Orlin recommends.
  4. Clean leather regularly.What about those who never clean their leather jackets, believing they improve with age? “It’s sort of like not cleaning your sheets,” Orlin says. “Believe me, they get dirty.”

Thursday, February 1, 2018

5 tips for styling a leather sofa

Yiguan leather,a China leather factory


1. Add some fabric.

I love leather, both in my wardrobe and in my decor. It’s durable, timeless and fancy. But the problem with leather is this: it’s not really cosy. And that’s what you eventually want from your sofa, right? An inviting place to rest at the end of a busy day. So there’s nothing like some well chosen fabric to cosy up your leather couch. Add some pillows, a throw, a nice carpet or a cow hide. Don’t be afraid to mix textures, print and colours.

2. Add some green.

There are few home dilemma’s  that  plants can’t solve, and this is no exception. A touch of green will add a splash of colour to your (probably neutral) couch. Never hurts!

3. Combine with elegant furniture.

Balance out your heavy sofa with some more elegant pieces. A table with metal legs, frames with a thin border, interesting standing lamps…

4. Consider moving your sofa away from the wall. 

If you have the space for it, and especially if it’s a larger piece, place it away from the wall. It creates a more open feeling in your room and the space will look larger, even if it’s just 20 cm from the wall. If it’s a special piece, like the sofa’s above, the space may need little more.

5. Opt for light walls

Don’t get me wrong, I totally dig luxurious, dark, eccentric spaces. But if you have a smaller house, try keeping the walls light and bright to balance the sofa.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

3 Tips for Caring for a Leather Bag

When it comes to the leather pieces in our wardrobes, we aren’t always sure about the upkeep they truly require. So, when we spotted some handy tips for caring for a glitter leather bag , we made sure to take note.
  1. Protect your bag: Keep the process as natural as possible by avoiding leather bags with topcoats. You want a natural patina to develop the more you use your bag. To guard against unwanted stains, try a leather protectant, which can be found at shoe repair shops, drugstores, or Amazon.
  2. Give it a good cleaning once a year:It goes without saying for clothes, but keeping your bag clean goes a long way in prolonging the bag’s life. Take your bag to a leather specialist once a year to help remove dirt and germs, allowing the natural character of the leather to show through. A local cobbler can be a great resource.
  3. Soften the leather by hand:Leather bags can often become buttery-soft on their own, but there is an easy way to speed up the process. Start by laying your bag on a flat surface, and begin rolling it up (starting from the bottom). Next, starting from a different side, re-roll the bag. Then, if the bag allows, you can turn it inside out and start the process again.
Check out some of our favorite leather bags below, and head over to Made well Musings for even more useful tips!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

How to Paint Faux LeatherⅢ

1 Trace a design onto the surface. Use a pencil to lightly trace your desired design onto the leather. Do not press too hard, as this will indent the leather. The paint is also semi-transparent, so any bold lines beneath the paint may show through.
2 Fill in the design. Using a paintbrush, fill in your design with the desired colors.Try to avoid creating thick layers of paint. A thick layer of paint will be more likely to crack over time. If your design has multiple colors, let each color dry before moving on to the next to avoid smudging the paint.Be sure to clean your brushes each time you select a new paint color to work with. Keep a small cup of water next to your workstation. Dip the paintbrush in the water before placing it into another color.
3 Clean up mistakes with acetone. If you make a mistake while painting, use a small amount of acetone on a cotton ball or cotton swab to gently lift away the paint. Once the paint is successfully removed and the area has dried, you can continue painting.

4 Let it dry. When you have finished painting your design, put it aside and let it air dry. The item should be secured in a safe place where it won’t be damaged or disturbed. The paint should dry within 15 to 20 minutes.

Monday, January 8, 2018

How to Paint Faux LeatherⅡ

By heartsun leather,a china leather factory
1 Clean the faux leather. Use a small amount of isopropyl alcohol to remove dust, dirt, grease, and wax from the faux leather. Dampen a cotton ball and wipe the entire surface of the material. A clean surface, free from dirt and grease, will allow the paint to strongly adhere to the faux leather.
2Use a paint palette. Prepare a paint palette so you can easily and efficiently access your desired paint colors as you work. You can buy a wooden or plastic artist’s palette at an arts and crafts store, or you can use a sheet of aluminum foil, a newspaper, or a magazine to house your paint.
3 Mix a small amount of acetone to your acrylic paint. Squeeze your desired paint colors onto your paint palette and add a few drops of acetone to the paint if you are working with acrylics. The acetone will thin the paint, making it smooth and easier to work with. Gently mix the paint and the acetone together with a small paintbrush. Be sure to only add a few drops or up to a teaspoon of acetone to your paint so that the paint does not become too watery.
4 Apply a base coat for large surfaces. If you are painting a large surface in a uniform color, you will want to apply an even base coat of paint to the surface. Use the paint you selected for your project and apply it to the surface. This is ideal if you are working with furniture or clothing.
5 Apply paint to one side of a sponge. Lightly press the sponge into the paint from your paint palette. Use long, vertical strokes to distribute the paint across the faux leather surface. Acrylic paint can dry rapidly, so you will need to work quickly if you are working with this medium. Focus on creating long strokes when painting a large surface to avoid creating streaks. If you are working on upholstery, plan to paint only one side at a time.
6 Allow the paint to dry. Before adding additional coats, the paint will need to dry completely. Place the item in a safe place where it won’t be disturbed, damaged, or moved. Wait for about 15 to 20 minutes for the coat to dry completely.

7 Enhance the color with additional layers of paint. After the first coat of paint has thoroughly dried, add another layer of paint to enhance the brightness and saturation of the color. As you add additional layers, be sure that the previous coat is dry before you apply another coating of paint.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

How to Paint Faux LeatherⅠ

by heartsunleather

PartSelecting the Correct Paint
1Use acrylic paints. Acrylic paint can be found in a range of colors, including metallic and glittery shades, and it can be found at an arts and crafts store. It can be applied to many surfaces and it adheres well to faux leather. Acrylic paint does not fade as easily as other paints. It is also flexible, making it is less likely to crack over time.
2 Choose a leather paint. Leather paint is an acrylic-based paint that can be found at your local arts and crafts store. It comes in a wide variety of colors and is specifically formulated to adhere to both real leather and artificial leather. Leather paint is slightly more expensive than acrylic paint and can cost between $2 and $8 for a small bottle. Although it is more expensive, it is less likely to chip or fade over time.

3Select chalk-based paint. Chalk-based paint can add a shabby chic, distressed look to an accessory or a piece of furniture.It adheres to many different surfaces and fabrics, making it a great choice for painting faux leather.[5] Many brands have created variations of chalky paint which can be found at an arts and crafts store or a home improvement shop.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

How to Clean a Leather Phone Case

Yiguan Leather,a China leather factory

Leather Phone Cases
Leather phone cases are durable and beautiful options for cell phones. The cases come in a variety of colors and styles. Learning how to clean a leather phone case can help keep the protective case in top notch condition. 

Cloth Cleaning

Minor smudges and dirt can be easily cleaned with a dry cloth. Shoppers can find microfiber cloth sets designed specifically for leather. The cloths can be used dry or with a touch of water. 

Cleaning and Conditioning

Regularly wiping the leather cell phone case can keep it in good shape. However, it helps to clean and condition the leather for optimal care. An all purpose leather cleaner and conditioner can help keep leather cell phone cases like new. 

Leather CPR

Leather CPR is a good choice for cases that have seen some wear and tear.  This product not only cleans and conditions the leather, it helps repair damage in the process.  

Leather Care Kits

Leather care kits might be the best choice for those who have multiple leather products at home. Getting into a regular routine of cleaning and conditioning all leather items is a great way to keep them in the best condition possible. 

Leather Repair Kit

Cell phone cases get a lot of use, and from time to time even the highest quality products show some wear and tear. Leather repair kits are available in a wide range of colors so finding a perfect match is simple.