Thursday, September 1, 2016

Leather Manufacturing Technology Innovation to Improve Value-Added Products(2)

The revision of a lot of content, including the following aspects, first of all, in terms of chemicals, new entrants to the 10 categories of restricted substances, these materials and leather products respectively successively develop their personal human level in infant leather products, leather Children products, underwear, clothing mezzanine, outerwear, bedding, and other leather products limits; secondly, in terms of physical properties, the new requirements of small parts baby leather products, leather products for infants and children rope and rope requirements, and magnet requirements; third, labeling, new baby leather articles warning against widgets; Finally, the leather into finished leather, stacked leather combination of leather, synthetic leather, and add or modify a some jargon.

Therefore, the City of Quality and Technical Supervision responsible person to remind the majority of enterprises, should be external pressure into intrinsic motivation. On the one hand to improve the root causes of leather raw materials and formulations, and actively improve the environmental performance and ecological safety standards, strengthen project monitoring chemical substances, from raw materials to finished products to ensure every process in line with the quality and safety requirements; the other hand, efforts to improve the production equipment level, establish a green brand awareness, accelerate technological innovation and improve value-added products, to seize the opportunity to further expand the living space.

Development of the leather industry is not out of the main line of environmentally friendly, eco-leather and thus become the mainstream of future development. Strategic cooperation on the leather industry downstream enterprises highlights the value of eco-friendly industry brand, and promote the quality of the leather industry, the brand, the joint development of environmental protection, building green ecological leather industry.

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