Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Fur Industry Hide Horrific Pollution

In the era of scarcity of materials, people made of animal fur clothes warm. With the development of society, so hard days have long ceased to exist. Clothes for modern people's lives is entirely too much - fur is already not to warm, but has become part of the eyes of the "fashion." However, how many people are concerned about the hideous foul pollution of the fur industry?

Modern fur production process is very complex, a total of dozens of processes. The whole process used a lot of ammonia, formaldehyde, hydrogen peroxide, a variety of chromate and bleach, and several of them are confirmed to be carcinogenic substances or suspected carcinogens. Fur processing will produce large and heavy metal waste water, for the local environment, the health of residents will be a disastrous threat.

Poison gas pollution
Animal fur tanning, coating process generated by the exhaust gas, and then further heated by the oven to evaporate, mixed with a stench of irritating gas, including toluene, xylene, methyl ethyl ketone and other toxic gases. Such as toluene, the skin, mucous membranes are irritating, not only through the respiratory tract into the body, but also through the skin into the central nervous system anesthetic effect. Short-term inhalation of excess toluene, ranging from respiratory irritation, while in limb weakness and even coma; long-term exposure to toluene on the human nervous system, liver function, the skin will have a great harm, leading to chronic poisoning.

Water pollution

China a well-known fur Township, the annual fur sales of up to 20.4 billion yuan, exports more than 700 million US dollars. Behind the bustling, is hidden is the local serious pollution of the rivers and soil. In fact, a variety of animal skin products on the water pollution is difficult to avoid, including hair removal after treatment of animal leather. 2014 CCTV revealed a county leather pollution shocking truth: As the leather enterprises of the highly toxic sewage directly discharged, the local more than 100 square kilometers of groundwater has been seriously polluted, this area of ​​the villagers to drink the well water has been red, Black, containing more than 10 kinds of serious excessive carcinogenic heavy metals.

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