Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Leather shoes toe is easy to fray, clever clever repair

Most people will choose to buy leather shoes , because it not only wear a dignified appearance with gas field, and easy to care, but if the shiny shoes were worn, and that the more distressed ah, not only affect the overall appearance, but also affect Shoes, life, then me will teach you how to restore shoes.

Nail polish
Wearing nail polish on the shoes wear, and then on the shoe polish, so you do not see there is wear and tear.

Put egg white
If the skin is still worn off, then you can use egg repair, with a cotton swab dipped in a little egg white, wear a thin layer of the place, and then cover the skin and wear in the friction, so that egg coagulation and Stick, and finally can play shoe polish.

Tu speed adhesive
If the shoes were scratched, it is necessary to use quick-drying glue, and first with a quick-drying glue evenly coated on both sides of the gap, and then pressed by hand, glue dry and then coated with wax, iron ironing, and then coated On the same color leather wipe light pulp, wait until the dry after the shoe polish can be marked.

Pad leather
Choose a piece of leather the same color, in the back of the leather coated with special glue, stick in the wear, with a piece of cloth pressure is good, so that the leather completely stuck, the last shoe can.

Rub the cream

In the wear at the professional fill color paste, and then evenly spread can be, so you can restore the original shiny it!

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