Tuesday, September 6, 2016

How to Remove the Smell of Leather(1)

how to remove the smell of leather, leather wallets, car leather chairs, leather clothing, has its own methods.

If Leather wallets have strong leather smell, you can put leather wallets into the refrigerator fresh day, you can also spray some perfume or champignon or put some tea, so can removed the smell.

Remove the automotive leather smell, the most effective is to put the car activated carbon, activated carbon has a strong adsorption effect, can quickly and effectively absorb the car leather smell. But do not the car perfume, otherwise the taste will be more unpleasant, but also to do under the sun exposure, otherwise the flavor will be even greater.

Remove leather garment odor, there are many ways, such as clean leather garment with alcohol and water; it is better to select special cleaning agent to remove leather with strong odor.

pu leather

PCE has some of the odor removal effect, both leather cleaning dirt, but also to remove the smell of leather, and high efficiency.

The leather hung just showered and there is some steam bath within two to three hours, when the smell of leather in the evaporation of water will also evaporate, you can remove the odor when out to dry.

pu leather

The leather hang in a dry, well-ventilated shade to blow odor. When hanging leather, you can spray a little vinegar on clothes, vinegar after air drying, there is no taste, the smell of leather and will reduce or even disappear.
When placed in leather or wearing leather, you can spray some of the perfume in leather garment, this will not lead to strong scent mixed with the smell of leather, leather will not cause odor distribution.

The 2-3 grapefruit skin wrapped in leather among place a week or so, you can remove the odor, but also smell the fragrance of grapefruit. You can place some grapefruit skin or some activated charcoal on cupboard to absorb odors.

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