Monday, December 5, 2016

Skin care of the bag care techniques

    As the standard of living materials continues to increase, material requirements will also increase, and bags are essential in daily life as daily necessities as well as for women. So for your beloved leather care methods and techniques, you know how much?

(1) If there is dust on the glitter leather, you can first use a soft cloth to wipe the surface of leather dust.

(2) To the surface of the package coated with a layer of care agent, so that the leather will be the most effective care to make the package to restore the appearance of beautiful, shiny, soft, waterproof, mechanical strength (such as tensile strength, tear strength, Grain crack strength, etc.) can be increased. To better protect the surface texture of the leather bag.

(3) When natural care agent after drying, professional leather cleaning agent shaken, with a soft texture of the cloth, gently wipe.

(4) A small area of ​​pollution, direct spray cleaner on the surface of the bag. Large areas of pollution, the detergent can be poured from the bottle, installed in the container, with a soft brush stained with detergent, directly applied to the skin surface. Stay for about 2 to 5 minutes, with a soft brush to brush, to dirt off, be sure to wipe the surface texture along the skin, if the gap, to follow the gap wipe.

(5) If it is a long time stains, leather surface dirt thickness of the larger, will penetrate into the skin texture. Leather simulation leather oil, because it is oil, poor permeability, cleaning effect is not ideal, can be diluted with water by adding 10% of the water, shake and then use. Water can help skin simulation leather oil cleaner penetration, cleaning effect is good, clean and efficient, this will not hurt the bag surface, because the dermis itself has a certain moisture content, the animal itself is higher than 10% moisture content.

For the season, don't need to use the bag, you can put in a cool dry place, coated with a layer of leather protective agent, you can plug some paper filler to prevent deformation of the bag, you can place some moisture agent, insecticide in a dust bag.

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