Monday, August 22, 2016

How to Maintain Furniture(2)

6.Do not rinse plywood furniture, should not be placed in alkaline soak prevent splint bulk plastic or unglued.
7.Do not use different color to embed in furniture ,so as not to leave scar.
8.Do not wipe the dirt surface of the furniture with a dry cloth. Because dust is made of fiber, sand and siliceous, these tiny particles in the wiping back and forth friction, it has been damaged furniture finish. Although these little scratches, and even the naked eye can not see, but over time, it will lead to bleak rough surface of furniture.

9.When moving furniture not dragged, should put lightly; discharge should be placed flat steady, if uneven ground, the leg pad is to prevent damage to the mortise structure.
10.Not put hardness things on top of the wardrobe, in order to avoid the door bulge or deform; clothes do not pile up too much, so as not to exceed the door, causing the door shut lax.

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