Tuesday, August 16, 2016

What is milk skill fabrics

What is milk fabrics.Milk Silk is to liquid skim milk, water go after the resulting milk protein, coupled with soft agent, made from the milk slurry, and then wet spinning process and scientific processing, textile made from milk protein fiber, and further can be spun into fabric milk silk cloth.

Milk silk products containing various amino acids up to 17 species. Run muscle moistening skin wear there, mayonnaise slippery skin effect, and milk silk also has a natural long-lasting antibacterial function, according to the Shanghai Health and Epidemic Prevention Station detection, the inhibition rate of 80% or more, harmful skin bacteria, cocci , fungi are inhibited. Milk silk woven fabric texture, light, soft, smooth drape, wearing silk milk products wear breathable, chill. As the milk silk than cotton yarn (high count), silk high strength, moth, mildew, and therefore more durable, washable, easy storage.

milk skill fabrics 

Special properties of milk protein fiber fabrics and clothing in the show is true, magnificent and lasting color, the color and dye affinity exceptionally bright and vivid, as long as the washing under the right conditions, even after repeated washing cloth color still bright as new. More strange is that the milk protein fiber unlike other animal protein fibers such as wool, silk moth mildew as easily or aging, even placed a few years still remain bright as new. This means being easy to wear, easy care. The Soft tender and it has an elegant natural luster, luxury fashion is the best partner.
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