Tuesday, October 25, 2016

PU synthetic leather

PU synthetic leather is how to develop and progress? In addition to the production process, equipment, substrate and other continuous innovation, perhaps more important is the development of additives, innovation.

The additives mentioned in this article include not only the additives and functional materials, but also the surface treatment agents, special resins and the like which are prepared by blending or synthesizing the additives and the functional materials with ordinary PU resin. Its use includes PU resin additives and PU synthetic leather additives.

In general, PU synthetic leather innovation as follows:
Innovative additives to the process of PU synthesis = PU resin -> + innovative innovative additives such as the base fabric + filler + Toner -> by a variety of innovative manufacturing process = PU synthetic leather.

Thus, the development of additives in the development of PU synthetic leather plays a vital role.

Additives classification: Additives are generally divided into the following five categories:

First, solve the fault class. Such as: defoamer, wetting agent, anti-pin agent, leveling agent, wet with fixing agent, removal of DMF additives, even foam additives, anti-adhesive, interfacial fusion agent, tackifier, dispersant and many more. This kind of material in the PU resin and PU synthetic leather manufacturing process plays a vital role, without them, PU resin and PU synthetic leather can not be normal production.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

china leather factory accelerate the pace of survival of the fittest

And many close to the "Wenzhou" trademark products, Wenzhou leather in a very long time is a synonym for low-grade products, especially in that shoe market suddenly began to fire in the era. Although the development of these years, Wenzhou leather industry has long gone, but the brand building efforts, the lack of competitive products, product structure, a single, which did not start a solid foundation to bring Wenzhou sequelae has always existed. 

Wenzhou now can make first-class quality leather, and even the ability to develop new products, but have the ability to do first-class products and do the development of the plant is one of the few, most of the factories still follow the old Technology - all year round to do black, brown leather men's leather. In the commercial market, the so-called "quality is life", china  leather factory  in recent years has been the pursuit of breakthroughs and upgrades, and product quality is the first hurdle must cross. Only to improve product quality, to achieve the survival of the fittest, the purpose of industrial restructuring and reorganization. At present, the quality of leather products in Wenzhou, the main constraints are the following.

The quality of the original skin can not be guaranteed
First, let's analyze the origin and quality of the leather industry in Wenzhou. In Wenzhou, in addition to some superior strength of the factory, the vast majority of leather factory in the original leather procurement Quxi leather market. The market of the original skin from the provinces, and many are from Africa, Europe, Brazil and other places of imports. From the type of points, there are yellow leather, buffalo, yak skin; from the plate points, a sweet skin dry, salt dry skin, salt, wet skin, frozen fresh skin; from cattle age and sex points can be divided into calf skin , Calfskin, bull leather, cowhide and castrated leather. Therefore, the skin on the market in Wenzhou complex, large differences in quality, as the transport operators operating conditions are mostly very poor, many leather raw materials are sold to tanneries have been damaged before the varying degrees. 

Many of the original skin before pickling not only leather, hair follicles, cortex has been eroded by bacteria, and even skin collagen fibers are pulled off. The original skin must be in the production process to repair the damaged cortex, covering the damaged grain. Wenzhou leather processing is the biggest weakness of the water market, the original skin treatment can not do a detailed group approved, classified treatment. Increasingly tight in the original skin resources of the moment, many factories can buy the original skin will burn incense, the original skin quality is not guaranteed, the natural quality of leather has a great impac