Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Milk Silk Fabrics(2)

Milk Silk advantages:
1. softness, skin-friendly equivalent to or better than cashmere;

2. breathable, moisture transmission is good, chill;

3. warm cashmere close, warm and good;

4. milk, cashmere wear, pilling resistance, color, strength are better than cashmere;

5. since the milk protein contains amino acids, the skin does not exclude such a fabric, a considerable layer of human skin, and the skin conservation role.

In the 21st century, people advocating back to nature, back to nature, pay more attention to clothing comfort, health care, gentrification and fashion. Thus, the milk protein fibers as "green", the representative of "health" -type textiles, silk milk products has become international and domestic market consumption trends, but also to meet consumers' clothing green, healthy and fashionable pursuit. Milk protein fiber because the industry has numerous advantages over the countries we are actively working in this area of product development, and diversified areas of development, development is very rapid.

Milk protein fiber can be pure spin, can also be cashmere, silk, silk, cotton, wool, linen and other fibers blended fibers woven into a fabric having a milk characteristics, can develop high-grade underwear, shirts, home clothes, men and women T-shirt, milk cashmere skirts, casual wear, bedding and other home textiles.

Milk protein fiber has the advantage of both natural fibers, but also has characteristics of chemical fiber, good quality, the quality indicators meet the requirements of cashmere textiles, blended with cashmere and pure spinning, made of a unique style of high-end apparel. The annual output of cashmere currently on the market in about 1 million tons, t price at 800,000 yuan, compared with cashmere obvious price advantage, very significant economic benefits. Milk protein fiber into the cashmere market, cashmere instead of part of the market has great potential.

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