Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Development Trend of Synthetic Leather Industry(1)

 Artificial leather, synthetic leather is the last century, one of the great inventions of mankind. Artificial leather in China began in the late 50s of last century,China's leather industry is one of the early development of the industry. After several decades of construction, especially in the 1970s, continued to the 1990s to introduce Japan, Italy and other countries the production of synthetic leather advanced equipment and technology. With the development of high-tech at home and abroad and the application of advanced industrial equipment, China's synthetic leather industry management, technology, product quality has been a qualitative leap, especially in recent years, China's synthetic leather industry has become the world's largest producer , Consumption power, import and export power.

synthetic leather

New fiber technology continues to flood

Now with the development of modern high-tech, the current production of PU synthetic leather in terms of product quality, variety, or production have been rapid growth, its performance is getting closer to natural leather, some aspects of performance even more than natural leather. Such as anti-breaking strength, anti-tear strength, anti-peel strength, anti-sewing strength, abrasion resistance, flexural strength, cold resistance, aging resistance, fatigue, oil, chemical corrosion, mildew antibacterial, moisture permeability Performance, according to need, after special treatment, can be superior to the leather, to achieve the performance and appearance of natural leather quality and difficult to distinguish true and false degree. After the 90's, synthetic fiber and non-woven manufacturing, but also toward the ultra-fine, high density and high non-woven effect of direction. Polyurethane resin manufacturing to the PU dispersion, PU water emulsion direction. Product applications continue to expand in the daily lives of mankind occupies an increasingly important position.

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