Tuesday, September 20, 2016

How to maintain and clean luxury leather

In recent years, as China continues to improve people's consumption level, luxury is no longer a technical term nobility, and has started to enter the civilian home. An exquisite luxury leather must have a science of cleaning and maintenance in order to emit more dazzling brilliance, add luster to our lives. For this small series introduces some luxury leather cleaning, maintenance skills, we want to help consumers.

First, the luxury leather cleaning should pay attention to the use of the same color of skin cream to clean leather, leather can remain bright and moist, but avoid the use of liquid skin oils; also avoid skin cream applied directly to the skin surface when the cream leather epithelium , should be applied on hair or fur and then wipe the leather; if luxury leather wet, dry cloth to absorb the moisture of luxury leather goods, and then placed in the shade, so that luxury leather dry naturally, Do not wet the luxury leather goods directly into the sun exposure draw with a hairdryer blowing, it can not be placed next to the air conditioning blowing, otherwise there will be leather burst phenomenon; avoid contact with water flushing or chemical cleaning luxury leather goods solvent. 

Maintenance of luxury leather goods. The most basic method is to some leather care oil. But when James and maintenance of oil, you need to put on a clean cotton cloth, and then evenly spread on the leather. Avoid direct maintenance of oil on the surface of luxury leather goods, will damage the leather; leather for luxury leather appeared wrinkling problem, we can use an iron to iron slightly. But this must ensure that the temperature is between 60-70 degrees. Not only to move fast, move back and forth. Also between the Iron and luxury leather padded layer of cotton, in order to avoid direct contact with high temperature and burned.

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