Wednesday, August 31, 2016

How to Maintain leather boots

Winter is coming, no matter what kind of style boots, winter are many consumers who love winter equipment. But the boots wear more, or usually pay no attention to care and maintenance, it also prone to breakage affect the appearance.There are some tips to tell you how to maintain leather boots.
1. buy new leather boots do not wear immediately, should play a thin layer of shoe polish, place 1 day wear.
2. boots should be serviced once a week at least, remember to oil. In bad weather used to wear boots, you should dry the surface after it re-branded shoe polish.
3. white boots can use rubber to the stain clean.

4. Don’t wear same pair of boots more than three days.
5. before storing boots should be cleaned, preferably place to dry 1 to 2 days. After the boots to lay the shoe polish, do not forget to use the ball of paper stuffed in the boot, so boots to maintain the best posture.
6. If boots wet, should be as dry in a warm place; avoid close to the heat source.

7. For suede boots, the best use of specialized care tools and raw rubber brush turned fur coloring agent maintenance. Use raw rubber fur brush along the growth direction of the floating dust dusting. After floating dust, spray coloring agent on suede boots, a coloring agent may be purchased at the point of care shoes.

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