Tuesday, November 22, 2016

How to Identify Leather Care Agent

 1. leather care agent must be grease
When the temperature reaches 450 ~ 750 degrees, with the help of combustible materials, can fire burning, so you can use the combustion test, that is, the use of oil, Put a small amount of care agent evenly on the toilet paper, placed in the mosquito-repellent rack, the first lit toilet paper, burn to care agent, the care agent can fire.

2.with the appropriate penetration and adhesion
High-quality leather care agent, can evenly penetrate the various parts of the leather inside the fiber surface, and with the intradermal fiber well together, and the wax and dermal fibers within the combination of poor, but also due to low wax burning, easy to volatile , So the wax into the leather will soon be lost, because of its loss will also take away the leather within the original oil, the leather becomes more hard, more brittle, and the wax will plug the hairy eye, so pure wax is not appropriate For the care of dermis.

3. PH value with pH detection
If the pH value of leather care agent PH value is greater than 7, it was alkaline, it infiltrated the skin, destruction of intradermal skin surface between the original oil film, and wash off these intradermal fat, so that the leather between the internal fiber surface Fiber bonds to each other, the friction becomes larger, but also corrosive dermal fiber, leather hardening, brittle, or even cracking - alkaline damage to the dermis is here, that is, alkaline detergent, clean leather, infiltration Dermal internal alkaline substances, will destroy the internal structure of the dermis, especially intradermal fiber surface of the oil film, so that leather harden, brittle, and even cracking. Therefore, in addition to skin simulated leather oil cleanser, the skin care can not use detergent.
Leather care agent qualified pH = 5 ~ 7 between. PH value of the test paper in the general chemical teaching store for sale.

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