Monday, August 29, 2016

How to Protect Leather Bag(2)

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Last week,we introduce eight suggestion to maintain leather bag,today,we will still write some tips about how to protect leather bag.

9. If leather wet accidentally, need dry drops and place on the shade to air dry. Avoid prolonged sun exposure or dry on the fire.

10. Before use of leather care products, first with a little products text on the bottom or inside of the bag is less conspicuous place, to be determined no problem and then use the entire leather.

11. Leather appear leather wrinkles, use the iron set to wool fabrics ironing temperature and repeat.

12. The leather hardware maintenance, should after use with a dry cloth. Such as micro-oxidation, may try to gently rub the flour or toothpaste M metal.

13. Leather finish, can wipe with a soft cloth.

14. maintenance glitter leather fabric, use leather care little for oil stick on a soft cloth, and then rub a little harder on the leather; matte leather maintenance, usually just wipe with a cloth, if serious dirt, you can try in a similar rubber eraser wipe gently removed.

15.Leather goods such as produce stains black spots, try to be the same color leather swab dipped in alcohol.

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