Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Light and diverse artificial leather clothing sought after

At first glance, the jacket and skirt with leather products, but in fact, this is made of chemical fiber processing, similar to the leather texture of fabric "artificial leather", this fabric because of its light texture, simple maintenance And become popular this fall dressing material.

Artificial leather is made of polyurethane and polyester fiber and other chemical fiber processing, imitation leather texture made of material.

In general, compared with a heavy sense of leather to wear up more light, the price is also cheaper. Recently, due to advances in technology, leatherette in nature and closer to ordinary leather.

artificial leather

Europe and the United States this spring and autumn 2012 to 13 fashion show, many brands have published leather elegant clothing, by this effect, in the store, the leather products and leather products side by side on the shelves.

For example, the new product jacket "LEJOUR" (21,450 yen) from the Sanyo Chamber of Commerce (Tokyo), a big company in the apparel industry. Although the soft fabric is like a real sheepskin, but in fact made of 100% polyester fiber, lightweight and scalable at the same time. With the same paragraph of the skirt (13,650 yen), will create a capable temperament.

The orange breeches (17,550 yen) of "MACKINTOSHPHILOSOPHY" produced by the agency are made of polyester fiber, but they look almost the same as fur. Breeches with a simple cut, and with a pattern of sweater with a very appropriate.

artificial leather

Artificial leather is very easy to process, can also make a variety of new design. "NAVY.WO" is a thin jacket (27,300 yen), which is made of artificial leather in the cuffs and back part. The jacket is characterized by a brisk movement. Color camel, navy, black three.

The unique design of the skirt with different colors (11,995 yen) is also well received, a total of the former film camel back film black, black film after the front piece of dark blue to choose the two. And before and after the film in any color with the same color of the jacket with, it will show an elegant atmosphere. "I'm very looking forward to this 

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