Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Fur Industry Hide Horrific Pollution

In the era of scarcity of materials, people made of animal fur clothes warm. With the development of society, so hard days have long ceased to exist. Clothes for modern people's lives is entirely too much - fur is already not to warm, but has become part of the eyes of the "fashion." However, how many people are concerned about the hideous foul pollution of the fur industry?

Modern fur production process is very complex, a total of dozens of processes. The whole process used a lot of ammonia, formaldehyde, hydrogen peroxide, a variety of chromate and bleach, and several of them are confirmed to be carcinogenic substances or suspected carcinogens. Fur processing will produce large and heavy metal waste water, for the local environment, the health of residents will be a disastrous threat.

Poison gas pollution
Animal fur tanning, coating process generated by the exhaust gas, and then further heated by the oven to evaporate, mixed with a stench of irritating gas, including toluene, xylene, methyl ethyl ketone and other toxic gases. Such as toluene, the skin, mucous membranes are irritating, not only through the respiratory tract into the body, but also through the skin into the central nervous system anesthetic effect. Short-term inhalation of excess toluene, ranging from respiratory irritation, while in limb weakness and even coma; long-term exposure to toluene on the human nervous system, liver function, the skin will have a great harm, leading to chronic poisoning.

Water pollution

China a well-known fur Township, the annual fur sales of up to 20.4 billion yuan, exports more than 700 million US dollars. Behind the bustling, is hidden is the local serious pollution of the rivers and soil. In fact, a variety of animal skin products on the water pollution is difficult to avoid, including hair removal after treatment of animal leather. 2014 CCTV revealed a county leather pollution shocking truth: As the leather enterprises of the highly toxic sewage directly discharged, the local more than 100 square kilometers of groundwater has been seriously polluted, this area of ​​the villagers to drink the well water has been red, Black, containing more than 10 kinds of serious excessive carcinogenic heavy metals.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

How to maintain and clean luxury leather

In recent years, as China continues to improve people's consumption level, luxury is no longer a technical term nobility, and has started to enter the civilian home. An exquisite luxury leather must have a science of cleaning and maintenance in order to emit more dazzling brilliance, add luster to our lives. For this small series introduces some luxury leather cleaning, maintenance skills, we want to help consumers.

First, the luxury leather cleaning should pay attention to the use of the same color of skin cream to clean leather, leather can remain bright and moist, but avoid the use of liquid skin oils; also avoid skin cream applied directly to the skin surface when the cream leather epithelium , should be applied on hair or fur and then wipe the leather; if luxury leather wet, dry cloth to absorb the moisture of luxury leather goods, and then placed in the shade, so that luxury leather dry naturally, Do not wet the luxury leather goods directly into the sun exposure draw with a hairdryer blowing, it can not be placed next to the air conditioning blowing, otherwise there will be leather burst phenomenon; avoid contact with water flushing or chemical cleaning luxury leather goods solvent. 

Maintenance of luxury leather goods. The most basic method is to some leather care oil. But when James and maintenance of oil, you need to put on a clean cotton cloth, and then evenly spread on the leather. Avoid direct maintenance of oil on the surface of luxury leather goods, will damage the leather; leather for luxury leather appeared wrinkling problem, we can use an iron to iron slightly. But this must ensure that the temperature is between 60-70 degrees. Not only to move fast, move back and forth. Also between the Iron and luxury leather padded layer of cotton, in order to avoid direct contact with high temperature and burned.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

How to Remove the Smell of Leather(2)

Today,we still introduce some methods that how to remove the smell of leather.

Removal of smoky flavor: with a cloth dipped in milk, wipe tables and chairs and other furniture, not only removes dirt, but also make the leather furniture look like new.

Use vinegar: half a cup of water and a small amount of vinegar (1/4 water), dipped in this solution with a soft cloth wooden furniture, furniture can reproduce the luster.

Herbal tea : soak a cup of tea, let it cool, soaked a piece of soft cloth, scrubbed wooden furniture two or three times, and then wipe the floor wax, furniture, paint can restore the original luster.

Leather strong absorption, should pay attention to pollution prevention, particular high-grade brushed leather. If there are stains on pu leather, wipe with a clean wet cloth dipped in warm detergent, and then let it dry.

Leather lose their luster can use leather polish to wipe, do not use shoe polish to wipe. Usually one or two years on - times of light, you can keep the leather soft and shiny, and extended service life.

Leather wrinkle can use iron ironing, the temperature can be controlled between 60-70. Use thin cotton for lining the cloth when you iron, while constantly moving the iron.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

How to Remove the Smell of Leather(1)

how to remove the smell of leather, leather wallets, car leather chairs, leather clothing, has its own methods.

If Leather wallets have strong leather smell, you can put leather wallets into the refrigerator fresh day, you can also spray some perfume or champignon or put some tea, so can removed the smell.

Remove the automotive leather smell, the most effective is to put the car activated carbon, activated carbon has a strong adsorption effect, can quickly and effectively absorb the car leather smell. But do not the car perfume, otherwise the taste will be more unpleasant, but also to do under the sun exposure, otherwise the flavor will be even greater.

Remove leather garment odor, there are many ways, such as clean leather garment with alcohol and water; it is better to select special cleaning agent to remove leather with strong odor.

pu leather

PCE has some of the odor removal effect, both leather cleaning dirt, but also to remove the smell of leather, and high efficiency.

The leather hung just showered and there is some steam bath within two to three hours, when the smell of leather in the evaporation of water will also evaporate, you can remove the odor when out to dry.

pu leather

The leather hang in a dry, well-ventilated shade to blow odor. When hanging leather, you can spray a little vinegar on clothes, vinegar after air drying, there is no taste, the smell of leather and will reduce or even disappear.
When placed in leather or wearing leather, you can spray some of the perfume in leather garment, this will not lead to strong scent mixed with the smell of leather, leather will not cause odor distribution.

The 2-3 grapefruit skin wrapped in leather among place a week or so, you can remove the odor, but also smell the fragrance of grapefruit. You can place some grapefruit skin or some activated charcoal on cupboard to absorb odors.

to be continued

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Leather Manufacturing Technology Innovation to Improve Value-Added Products(2)

The revision of a lot of content, including the following aspects, first of all, in terms of chemicals, new entrants to the 10 categories of restricted substances, these materials and leather products respectively successively develop their personal human level in infant leather products, leather Children products, underwear, clothing mezzanine, outerwear, bedding, and other leather products limits; secondly, in terms of physical properties, the new requirements of small parts baby leather products, leather products for infants and children rope and rope requirements, and magnet requirements; third, labeling, new baby leather articles warning against widgets; Finally, the leather into finished leather, stacked leather combination of leather, synthetic leather, and add or modify a some jargon.

Therefore, the City of Quality and Technical Supervision responsible person to remind the majority of enterprises, should be external pressure into intrinsic motivation. On the one hand to improve the root causes of leather raw materials and formulations, and actively improve the environmental performance and ecological safety standards, strengthen project monitoring chemical substances, from raw materials to finished products to ensure every process in line with the quality and safety requirements; the other hand, efforts to improve the production equipment level, establish a green brand awareness, accelerate technological innovation and improve value-added products, to seize the opportunity to further expand the living space.

Development of the leather industry is not out of the main line of environmentally friendly, eco-leather and thus become the mainstream of future development. Strategic cooperation on the leather industry downstream enterprises highlights the value of eco-friendly industry brand, and promote the quality of the leather industry, the brand, the joint development of environmental protection, building green ecological leather industry.

Leather Manufacturing Technology Innovation to Improve Value-added Products(1)

In recent years, the enterprise has developed to enhance the core competitiveness as the leading research and development mechanism, set up an efficient cross-sectoral R & D project team. At the same time, in order to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of R & D personnel to ensure the efficient operation of research and development work to improve the overall performance of R & D system, enterprises have established research and development processes and project management system to adapt to the development of the organization and human resources management system, including organizational structure, culture R & D personnel, R & D personnel and salary management mechanism to encourage R & D personnel R & D system.

Leather and hard as a thermal insulation material, has been used as the basic fabric of fall and winter clothing, color and more color to heavy-based. Therefore, in the fur and garment industry, there is a hot second half of the first half closed predicament. Learned from relevant departments, a lot of the content of this revision, involving a wide range, to a number of leather manufacturing industry has brought no small challenge.

It is reported that high risk products as leather products, has been suffering from chemical residue problems, and thus frequently outside the recall notification. EU non-food consumer Rapid Alert System for China and the US CPSC detain product data, for example, in 2013 only Chinese-made leather products in the EU and the United States notified cases reached 38, the "get in the door" is also more technical content and low value-added products, mainly for shoes, boots, leather gloves, baby shoes 4 categories. Because often used in leather shoes, laundry, and human contact for a long time, which is toxic and harmful substances particularly serious impact on human health, therefore, the world has a corresponding law leather products of toxic and hazardous substances control.