Monday, November 14, 2016

Old Leather Handmade Small Decorative Accessories

Home with the old bag, wallet, or simply is a piece of I do not know when the whim buy the leather? Throw away on the waste, it is better to do something small gadgets, let her in your hands under a pair of practical and creative.

Pig piggy bank: fat bulging belly can hold a lot of Steel BEng it.

Puppy stationery plug: four legs can put a lot of pen, scissors and the like stationery, mouth can Diao a note, there are wheels at the foot can be easily moved, creative and practical full marks!
Kangaroo stationery baskets: whether it is pen or note paper or other bits and pieces of small things, can be easily incorporated into the pocket of the mother to Kangaroo.

Mother and son chicken paper clip: handkerchief, note, notes, lovely chicken a mother can help you receive good.

Monkey hanging objects: the red glowing monkey on the mysterious closet cabinet, let it help you to accommodate some easy to find things.

Rabbit kit: rabbit's stomach filled with small pills, syrup, eye-catching colors can always remind you to pay attention to health.

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