Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The difference to leather and fur

Leather, it is mainly formed by the mammalian skin process. Leather is by hair removal and tanning and other physical and chemical processing of the obtained have been denatured nonperishable animal skins. Leather is a natural protein fiber tightly woven in three-dimensional space formed on its surface has a special grain layer, has a natural grain pattern and gloss,feel comfortable. Usually there are leather clothing sheepskin, pigskin, cowhide and horsehide. China leather factory use animals surface to make many products.The main subdivisions: furniture leather ,decorative leather, decorative leather, soft leather bag, leather sofas, leather and other decorative sliding door.

Fur refers to the use of clothing made from animal skins. Used to make fur animals including rare animal rabbit, fox, mink, etc., is also a source of fur. Since the original period of human will to hunt any animal fur made clothes to cover the cold, or to promote their achievements. In modern times, fur has become a symbol of wealth.So many animals facing human hunting because of the fur trade.take the skin during feeding for animals, feeding and slaughter process adopted animals to suffer a lot of pain,thus,animal protects against fur trade and consumption. 

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