Wednesday, August 3, 2016

How to Compare Leather Sofa Quality

1.look at the internal structure and stability
A good leather sofa, must use wood nail into the frame. We can feel sofa weight, if it is used packaging board, plywood, nail into the sofa is light in weight, solid wood frame is relatively heavy.

2.look at the internal structure of the fine workmanship
Both leather sofa or sofa, generally at the bottom have zipper can be opened, we can uncover the a angle of seat bottom cloth to view, if no rotten, no insects, no scar and and materials of convergence is not a nail, but to mortise, or moment export each bite, and then glue, that is no problem.

3. look at the quality of leather materials
This is the most critical, also a lot of friends are most concerned about. Leather sofa is characterized by the characteristics of the quality and workmanship of leather fabric. When china leather factory product sofa, they will use different leather. Derived from very much the type of leather, currently on the market widely used is the green husk and half green husk. There is no scar, texture delicate,  with finger tip pinch live a upwards tug, feel pliable but hard to break strong, take the wrinkles by finishing can disappear or are not obvious, so that the skin is good leather upper.

4. Look at the spring type and quality
In addition to leather, spring is also important. Because the spring is directly related to the soft hardness of the sofa, service life, and the most closely related to the comfort of the sofa. There are many types of sofa spring, different performance, you must be carefully asked to clear in the purchase.

5. Look at the filler
Filler mainly refers to sponge, sponges are divided into three types. Thwack sponge backrest and armrest portion, high elasticity and high elastic ultra- soft sponge do part of the seat, the high grade sofa cushion should use density in 30 kg / cubic meters of above high elastic foam sponge, back cushion should use density 25 kg / m3 high elastic foam sponge. As consumers can sit down and feel comfortable. Under normal circumstances, the human body to sit down after the sofa cushion to sag about 10 cm or so for the best. This is the same as all the other types of sofas to judge the quality of the filler.

6.look at the brand reputation and after-sales service

Looked at the five aspects of the quality of the front, consumers can basically choose the quality of leather sofa has a rough grasp of the level of. But for ordinary consumers as a layman, it is not enough to be sure that the quality of the sofa clearance. There are a lot of internal quality needs to be judged by the use of the future, consumers how to grasp the quality of these aspects of it. Personally think that only a reference to the credibility of the brand and after-sales service. So, we should try to choose the visibility and reputation of good production of sofa in the purchase. 

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