Sunday, August 7, 2016

How to choose classical leather wallet

There are many leather hides can use to be leather strap.

Leather Strap: alligator
In general, common for alligator strap mainly from the alligators and caimans. But not the body of the crocodile leather strap can be made. It is only abdomen sofa leather can be used. There are two kinds pattern - square and round shape, square shape soft skin from the abdomen front, round abdomen skin from the side. Because one can only make a few crocodile strap, so the price is expensive.

Leather Strap: calf leather
Many different types of leather can be divided into calf, yellow leather, buffalo leather and so on. Calfskin leather which is the best quality , was born after the use of calf leather tanning is made within six months, texture fine lines, soft hand feel. Yellow leather is most frequently to be used , it is characterized by thick, elastic foot. As water leather, fur sparse, rough surface, the material looks and feels great texture, it is actually quite soft and comfortable to wear.

Leather Strap: lambskin

Lambskin is famous for good elasticity, it very suitable for the production of a strap, soft and comfortable to wear on the wrist. Look closely, lambskin texture clear, strong sense of leather, compared with other, lambskin is lighter, softer texture.

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