Sunday, July 31, 2016

2017 popular leather pattern printing forecast

Snakeskin pattern printing

Snakeskin pattern printed in the spring and summer of 2017, there has been a new breakthrough.The new season of the popular fish and insects and tropical prints and snakeskin pattern combined together, unprecedented novelty effect. Watercolor print, Painting, gouache effect pattern, etc.,are novel with elements for wild snakeskin pattern adds style charm charming atmosphere.

Traditional printing

Having the last century, sixties and seventies era featuring Profile quaint printing leather printing a show on another important trend.Patent leather coat for added flavor of the times and the three-dimensional effect.After stylized interpretation of the decorative style prints, combined with the natural
texture of the leather texture and showing a low-key gorgeous retro style.

Color snakeskin pattern

Snakeskin pattern with colorful color combination on Lineapelle show shine.
Single rich color snakeskin pattern, texture than the more eye-catching color,
texture and dark tones more prominent. Contrast between two or more color rendering snakeskin pattern formed along the grain clever embellishment Ye Yan brilliant appearance, bronzing effect is also very gorgeous.

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