Wednesday, August 10, 2016

How to remedy the damaged leather

Generally speaking, leather clothing damaged can be divided into four types.

(1) Surface abrasions: leather surface is ground, but did not make the leather through hole;

(2) Scratch the surface: sharp weapon to cut the surface of a leather, but did not draw the leather;

(3): Break torn : make leather appearance through the mouth, but no hole;

(4) Have a hole: a hole in the shape of a hole.

According to different situations, we can be used for different ways to remedy.

(1) Surface abrasion: clean the virginity, if damage is not deep, direct use of leather coating wipe coating, remedy to the original color and appearance.

(2) Scratch the surface: clean the virginity, with leather adhesive will scratch out skin glue, to be dry, such as obvious signs, use sandpaper, then coated with leather coating slurry until it reaches reply to the original color and appearance.

(3) Break: find a thin piece of leather hides, than the break length, width of about 1.5 mm, put it on the hole. At the same time put glue on the top and leather break tails, and then carefully aligned break, will both cement. Such as breach of obvious, sanded smooth, then coated with leather pulp.

(4) Break hole: find the hole that is larger than the skin and consistent with the leather color. Trimmed the hole, then use leather stuck in the hole. Finally, carefully wipe the residual glue.

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