Friday, August 12, 2016

The introduction of glitter leather

In the PU leather or PVC glue glitter powder, let these leather becomes lighter grain leather, the leather industry collectively referred to as "glitter leather". Glitter Leather is used in different industries. Such as arts and crafts, shoes accessories, decoration materials

Surface spraying method

In the spray produced by the glitter leather, first with hair broom excess low adhesion of glitter powder swept away, and on the surface of the spray gun for spraying of low viscosity, high solid content, high gloss transparent polyurethane resin, then in the 80 to 120 DEG C drying, the PU resin thin protective layer is formed on the glitter powder surface, and improve the glitter powder adhesion, greatly improve the fastness to rubbing, but also to maintain its unique multi angle reflection effect. In order to reduce the influence of the solvent drying, the air hole can influence the transparency, and the method of spraying and baking is adopted in order to improve the transparency.

From the type of paper coating method in glitter leather surface with a layer of dry transparent resin, its production method by dry polyurethane. The production method of spraying glitter leather as the substrate for laminating on  release paper, the specific process is as follows:

From the paper, coated with transparent polyurethane resin - 130 to 150 DEG C x 1. 5 min drying - coated complex double group polyurethane adhesive - 40 to 50 DEG C micro baking compound glitter leather - curing aged 12 to 24 hours - Glitter leather and paper separation and volumes from the mirror.

The coated after of glitter leather surface form a layer of thin mirror like transparent protective layer, so that the leather to general polyurethane artificial leather wear resistance, winding resistance is greatly improved, and keep the softness, formed on the surface of crystal effect, can be used to wear for the production of high sports shoes, belt, bag and so on.

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