Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Proposal on Environmental Practice of Using eco-leather

"Eco-leather" is a certification mark China Leather Association in 2003 on the basis of "leather logo" on the introduction of suitable eco-finished leather and eco-finished fur of finished leather and finished fur production process clean and product performance Ecological proposed clear requirements, the strong support of national authorities and recognition of many international organizations.

Use "eco-leather" is a commitment to consumer safety and health protection, promoting the use of "eco-leather" Solemn Declaration is environmentally friendly leather industry of our country and the people to make. In order to promote "eco-leather" use and promotion, as a representative of leather logo enterprises, Our leather logo brands the initiative and set an example:

First, obtain preferential purchasing "eco-leather" eligibility to use Finished finished leather or fur, promote the production, consumption and the environment and common development;

Second, in order to continuously expand the leather goods market as their responsibility, and actively promote "eco-leather" concept to consumers;

Third, take the initiative to support the "eco-leather" work to enhance, maintain close communication and information "eco-leather" enterprises, feedback market information, and promote eco-leather enterprise product development and technological progress.
We believe that China leather factory in close cooperation through the chain of mutual support, win-win development, will emerge more stronger industry brand, promote our country to build the early realization of the dream of power leather.

Source: China Leather Association

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