Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Development of Huadu District Leather Industry

Recently, this reporter learned from the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Industry, as of now, Huadu District, leather and leather business has 33,257 households,
 in 2010 successfully registered the basis of "Shiling" collective trademark leather on
 leather and leather industry Huadu District Total registered trademark more than 4400,
 two trademark was identified as "Guangdong Province", 10 trademark was named "
famous trademark in Guangzhou."

Huadu Branch Trade and Industry, according to reports, the council on registration data based on a comprehensive understanding of business scale and development potential of the leather industry, the formation of a special report in a timely manner to the territorial government asked the report. Actively guide, encourage and help 328 individual businesses to upgrade, involving companies registered capital of 180 million yuan.

To promote the development of the leather industry norms, the council increase the strength of the joint quality supervision, public security departments, leather goods market and carry out special rectification action against unlicensed operators, trademark infringement and other illegal activities. Since 2014, a total of 163 cases dealt with unlicensed operation, settles trademark case 229, the case value of 2.1991 million yuan, 195,500 infringing goods confiscated, seized 148,400 infringing trademarks. In addition, the council is also the area towns, businesses, markets and key regions to establish a network complaints, the establishment of service stations Hongdun rights, and with the liaison officer of the regional road rural BUSINESS cooked, business and usually work out the distribution of the contact number of advantages, borrowing social forces, digging the source case expand counterfeiting rights surrounding tissue.

It is worth mentioning that, on the basis of the existing branch Huadu Shiling leather leather city and other professional trading market, providing personal guidance services to form the finished market gradually gather. It is learned that the town of Shiling Yiqun village was known as the "Taobao village", gathered nearly 400 Taobao. The initial formation of the local dragon-chi sinks O2O electricity business gathering area and polyethylene bags e-commerce industry park as the representative of the electricity supplier industry gathering area, as well as the Holy Land Group's Shiling (International) Leather electronic trading center, the development of more than 7200 members .

Source: Chinese Communist Party News

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