Monday, July 25, 2016

How to Buy Leather Fabric

Buy quality leather garments mainly in the following aspects: color fastness, adhesive coating, materials, leather strength and processing. When consumers buy leather, we should note the following: we must recognize Ming pi clothing trademark, manufacturer name and address, do not buy no registered trademark, did not identify the manufacturer of the product.

Second, there should be no fade leather clothing , split pulp, out of pulp and other phenomena, should feel plump and flexible, consistent with the whole dress color, no color, flower color, smooth leather, fine grain.

the third is a "touch", the second "smell", three " Look". "Touch" for a soft, plump, good elasticity, "smell" to be no strong odor to odorless as well, "see" depends ZhengYi is too thin, with or without loose surface, from the shell, green skin shedding. Usually three, four or five pigs, six sheep to make a fur coat, leather so the overall effect to thickness, weight, color with the right mix, the difference between primary and secondary sites to be as small as possible.

Leather Check: Look bleaching. Choose leather minor parts, such as the back collar, skirts or clothes inside the site, with cotton wool stained water squeezed by hand, in a 10cm long leather on the site selected, with cotton wool rub back and forth in the above 20 times, observe cotton are stained with color, if the color of a heavier stick, black or dark gray, is defective. Experimental tests, the general requirements for leather wet wipe level for the three (color contrast can be found in standard leather card test station). Look out plasma surface crack the case, or in the secondary site visual inspection can be based on this principle, in the secondary part of the leather cut a small mouth, a gently breaking, if the deformation of the incision site, description tear strength is not enough. You can also use moderate force to pull the seams, if torn trend was unqualified; you can let your fingers forced from the inside to pull the top of the leather, if fracture surface and split pulp are unqualified.

Check leather accessories: leather life is very long, very texture of leather accessories requirements, zippers, buttons are generally copper superior products, more high-quality leather lining silk production.

Quality leather soft, smooth, elastic, hand press out wrinkles disappear quickly, the various parts of leather clothes uniform thickness, wear comfortable, equatorial, crisp, not hard or soft board.

Shiny leather production using leather, soft, clear grain, smooth, strong sense of light grain, has become a high-quality leather produced ingredients, and commonly used needle sewing.

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