Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Application and Development Direction of PU Interior Leather(1)

With the rapid development of PU synthetic leather technology and the EU will soon limit the use of PVC automotive leather, the current international brand of some new models have begun to gradually use the PU leather, and tend to high physical PU leather. The PU synthetic leather research and application closely follow the international trend of technology, starting early, high starting point, the rapid pace of development, has become the world's PU synthetic leather center.

In the automotive industry has been included in China's pillar industry background, the development of the automotive industry to China's automotive interior parts industry and synthetic leather and other related industries to bring prosperity, with the localization rate of the car and the car interior features, environmental protection And other requirements, to replace imported products, improve the grade and quality of automotive interior leather to accelerate the PU synthetic leather in the automotive interior R & D applications, the domestic synthetic leather production enterprises an important opportunity for development.

Dry PU car interior leather
Dry PU synthetic leather processing is the fabric surface coated with a layer of PU resin solution. In order to improve the bonding strength with the fabric, you can use two-component adhesive layer resin; the same time in the process can also be pre-foam or by adding surfactants and other methods, the formation of microporous fabric surface of the polymer layer , Thereby providing a breathable microporosity similar to the wet process. Because of its low price, feel and good physical properties, more widely used in cars and hand cushion.

Wear-resistant, durable scraping PU leather
At present, the strength of the domestic PU synthetic leather production enterprises to actively develop the application of new functional PU resin slurry, with excellent feel and excellent properties of the base fabric, after special processing and finishing, the development of new automotive interior with Wet synthetic PU leather. Compared with traditional materials, this new material has more excellent mechanical properties, hydrolysis resistance, heat resistance, oxidation resistance and wear resistance, has been widely used in automotive stalls handrails, seats, door panels, etc. aspect.
In particular, the research and development of high wear-resistant, high durability polyurethane synthetic leather with strong sense of leather, soft, flexible, luxurious appearance, natural luster and so on.

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