Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Leather Cleaning Methods

Leather to the following example:
Leather washing by washing in different ways, divided into machine wash and hand wash two; according to the different nature of washing, dry cleaning and wet cleaning into two categories. Machine washing is mainly through the leather dry cleaning machines for cleaning, hand washing will need to use washing tools and washing techniques for cleaning. Machine wash usually use tetrachlorethylene solvent (also oil and fluorine solvent), low-temperature immersion, due to machine wash by many laundry equipment condition control, at present our country, small laundry mostly manual cleaning. The following brief some manual cleaning practical methods, for reference only. 
The main washing tools: short hair brush, brown hair brush, sponge, plastic cleaning balls, towels, cotton balls, washbasin, wash case, air spray gun, portrait gas mode. In this case,
In this case,
The main washing materials: gasoline, methanol (alcohol), tetrachlorethylene, hydroxide (ammonia), detergent, liquid soap, hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide), sodium chloride (salt), alum, sodium sulfate ), Vinegar and other fine.
smooth leather cleaning
1. Small area of ​​oil treatment
Washing solvent:> 90 # gasoline or tetrachlorethylene. In this case,
Washing method: the leather shop in the wash case, with a sponge or cotton ball dipped in the amount of solvent on the leather parts of the oil scrub, oil removal, with a towel dipped in 40-50 degrees Celsius hot water on the scrubbing parts of micro-processing, set Ventilation shade to dry. 
2. Large area of ​​oil treatment
Washing solution:
A solution: 95% alcohol, 25% ammonia, the ratio of 1: 1
B solution: 25% ammonia, softener, water, the ratio of 1: 1: 1
Washing method: the leather tile on the wash case, with a short brush dipped in A solution to scrub the way pre-wash, while scrubbing with a towel to scrub, adsorption dirt and dirty fluid, oil removal, dipped in B liquid secondary cleaning (Ibid.), Towel net surface, set the ventilation shade to dry.
3. Skin color shade old processing
Washing solution:
A liquid: detergent, water, the ratio of 1: 400 concentration of 0.25% - 0.3%, water temperature 35-40 ℃
B liquid: brightener, smooth agent, water, the ratio of 1: 1: 4

Washing method: the leather tile in the wash case, with a brown brush dipped in A liquid gently scrub, while scrubbing side with a towel wipe clean, remove the oil, with a sponge impregnated B liquid to scrub the way the soft surface treatment, Put it aside for 15 minutes, the net surface of the towel, home ventilation and cool place to dry. 4. Leather surface denitrification hardening treatment
Washing solution:
A: liquid, salt, water, the ratio of 1: 1: 2 (dissolved mixed preparation); common amount: 250 grams of salt, 250 grams of salt, 55 grams of soft water. 
B liquid: fatliquor (water) slip agent, softener, water, the ratio of 1: 2: 2: 10, water temperature 40-45 degrees Celsius.
Liquid C: formaldehyde, water, the ratio of 1: 8 or 1:10.

Washing method: the leather tile on the wash case, with a brown brush dipped in A solution repeatedly brushing leather so that it fully penetrate the leather, put it aside for 30 minutes, with a plastic cleaning ball dipped in B liquid repeatedly scrub leather surface, standing 15 Minute, the net surface of the towel, the leather sets in portrait gas mode, with the spray gun to C liquid evenly atomized to the leather, home ventilation cool place to dry.

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